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Data Collection

Reference Number: MTAS-1364
Reviewed Date: 11/21/2022

Generally there are four pieces of information collected on each tree during an inventory: species, size, condition and location. Many inventories include work needed as a fifth piece of information, but here it will be considered a subset of the condition determination. The reasoning is that a poor condition rating often can be attributed to a lack of maintenance, and completing tree maintenance often improves the condition rating. Tennessee’s inventory system also includes a target classification, which is a component of evaluating whether a tree is hazardous.

A Note About Planting
In addition to recording information about trees, an inventory often samples tree spaces so that managers can have an indication of planting needs. Obviously, species, size and condition data cannot be collected on a tree that isn’t there, but the potential location of a tree is important in developing the long-term management plan.