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Best Practices in Biodiesel Production: Program Initiation

Reference Number: MTAS-1485
Reviewed Date: 12/12/2022

At the start of Gadsden's program, the biodiesel processing equipment and associated oil collection and processing equipment were bought by the city. This equipment included the following major items:

  • Biodiesel processor capable of producing 55-gallon batches of biodiesel (manufactured by Biodiesel Logic, Inc.);
  • Four 275-gallon chemical storage "totes" for storing WVO before processing;
  • Two 150-gallon fuel tanks, pumps, and meters for storing and dispensing finished biodiesel;
  • 20 55-gallon steel drums for WVO collection at restaurants
  • 4,500 one-gallon plastic jugs for residential WVO collection;
  • Seven collection bins for residential WVO jug
  • Miscellaneous lab supplies for titration of WVO;
  • Expendable supplies for biodiesel production (methanol, sodium hydroxide catalyst).

The collection bins for residential WVO jugs were built by personnel in the fleet management group in Gadsden. Other municipalities have purchased similar commercially available units. The one-gallon jugs were fitted with pre-printed labels that have information on procedures for recycling the WVO.