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Newsletter, March 2018

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Greetings Tennessee Municipalities,

Welcome to a new year. Spring is literally just around the corner and it is hard not to be optimistic as nature is renewed and all is fresh and green. For those that know me, I typically prefer to look on the sunny side of life so spring is just a happy time of year for me. I hope I can share some of that sunny optimism with you when I tell you about some of the great things happening at MTAS.

We have hired some great talent in the last few months. Just as cities have experienced the silver tsunami, it has also begun to hit the shores at MTAS and we have had a greater number of vacancies than usual due to retirements. This is a trend that I expect to continue as our workforce ages, but remember that MTAS is available to assist you with the recruitment and hiring process in your community. Also, please be assured that we are making the very strongest hiring decisions on your behalf when we fill a vacancy at MTAS.

MTAS is in the early stages of creating a new strategic plan for the agency. The Institute for Public Service (IPS) devised a mission and vision statement for all the agencies last year. Now it is MTAS’ time to decide how we will achieve the goals of:

  • expanding funding to meet customer needs;
  • delivering best-in-class customer-focused education and technical assistance;
  • developing a diverse and highly skilled workforce that embodies the values of integrity, accountability, and professionalism; and
  • communicating the impact, value and story of IPS.

Additionally, IPS has been working with the Tennessee Center for Performance Excellence (TNCPE) on ways it can become more efficient and effective. MTAS is looking forward to identifying ways to take advantage of its opportunities for improvement and to capitalize on its strengths. We can look to Germantown as a role model – congratulations to the City of Germantown on its attainment of the 2017 Excellence Award from TNCPE.

Finally, every two years MTAS conducts a customer satisfaction survey. The last survey wrapped up at the end of last year, and I am excited to share with you that our results improved in each of the five key categories over 2015. My hope is that the survey in 2019 shows even more improvement. There is that sunny optimism again! I can be optimistic because my optimism is grounded in reality as I know we have the knowledge, skills and abilities to serve you successfully. Please call on us for assistance.

Margaret Norris, Executive Director

March, 2018
Date Published: 
Monday, March 26, 2018
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