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Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS)

Leading performance management in local government

Ammons, David N.
Washington, D.C. : ICMA Press, 2008
Includes bibliographic references.
This book walks readers through a brief overview of performance measurement and delves into successful performance management practices. It includes impressive results of performance management efforts by local governments of many large U.S. cities, a step-by-step guide for establishing a system designed to get results, what was learned in a North Carolina benchmarking study, the importance of tying performance measures to the nuts and bolts of service delivery systems, the growth of gainsharing as an approach to rewarding employees for achieving results, the success of Compstat--statistical approach to performance management, success factors in CitiStat, and key options for local governments wishing to adopt this promising approach to performance management. This title is packed with strategies and guidance from noted experts on leadership in government and is a must-read for every local government manager and student of public administration who seeks solid guidance to develop an effective performance management program and to understand its objectives, rewards, challenges, and pitfalls. This is a completely new edition of the 1995 ICMA title, Accountability for Performance: Measurement and Monitoring in Local Government, edited by David Ammons.