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Find it fast : extracting expert information from social networks, big data, tweets, and more / Robert I. Berkman.

"Go beyond Google to mine big data and social media. Author Robert Berkman gives expert advice on how to search the internet to locate the best information sources, how to find and utilize the professionals behind those sources, and how to combine these techniques to complete an information search on any subject. This fully updated 6th edition includes how to search beyond Google, leveraging big data in the search process, and how to search the social web. Readers will also find expert advice on how to know if a site is a trusted source; understanding how and why sources differ; using precision search strategies and taming information overload; and finding, evaluating, and identifying experts. Whether it's consumer advice, information for a job or project, facts for starting a new business, or answers to questions on obscure topics, Find It Fast is the perfect resource for learning to hone one's internet searching skills"--
Berkman, Robert I.
Super sources: the cream of the crop -- Libraries: still valuable in the digital age -- Search engines, precision search strategies, and taming information overload -- The social search: tapping into your networks -- Truth, lies, and influence: determining credibility in a trending social media world -- Identifying experts: who they are, where to find them -- Making the connection: getting access to an expert -- Talking with experts: strategies for getting inside information -- Wrapping it up: organizing and writing up your results and the expert review -- Troubleshooting: typical questions information seekers ask.
Includes index.