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Copyright law for librarians and educators [ebook] : creative strategies and practical solutions / Kenneth D. Crews.

"This newly revised and updated edition by respected copyright authority Crews offers timely insights and succinct guidance for LIS students, librarians, and educators alike."--from the Publisher
Crews, Kenneth D.,
The reach of copyright. The copyright map : changing needs and copyright solutions -- Sources of copyright law : constitution, statutes, and courts -- Sources of copyright law : international treaties, trade, and harmonization -- The scope of protectable works -- Works without copyright protection -- Rights of ownership. Duration and formalities : how long do copyrights last? -- Who owns the copyright? -- The rights of copyright owners -- Exceptions to the rights of owners -- Fair use. Fair use : getting started -- Fair use : understanding the four factors -- Getting comfortable with fair use : applying the four factors -- The meaning of fair use guidelines -- Education, fair use, and the Georgia State Case -- Focus on education and libraries. Distance education and the principles of copyright -- Distance education and the TEACH Act -- Libraries, archives, and the special provisions of Section 108 -- Responsibility, liability, and doing the right thing -- Special features. Music and copyright -- The peculiar law of pre-1972 sound recording -- Copyright, archives, and unpublished materials -- Anticircumvention and Digital Rights Management -- Copyright and the world : foreign law and foreign works -- Permission, licensing, and open access.
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