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City of South Pittsburg, Tennessee proposal for residential solid waste collection and disposal and/or recycling collection

The Browning-Ferris Industries of Tennessee, Inc., response to South Pittsburg's bid for proposal presents BFI's Prior Relevant Experience and Technical Operations and Management Experience. This includes the qualifications and experience of BFI in Tennessee, as well as that of Browning-Ferris Industries nationwide. The BFI response also contains comments concerning the General Provisions, and Technical, Operational, and Financial Requirements in the City's Request for Proposal. BFI' s technical and operational controls are designed and implemented to ensure the proper sanitary, environmental, and legal disposal of municipal solid waste. BFI's financial stability and strength is supported by the resources of parent company, Browning-Ferris Industries, Inc., which had revenues in 1992 of approximately $3.3 billion. [Included at the end of this document is information about the BFI "Mobius Program," a recycling and environmental educational curriculum for elementary school-aged children.]
1. Introduction 2. Bid Pricing 3. General Specifications 4. Contractor Specifications 5. Equipment and Personnel to Be Used 6. Recycling Information 7. Recyclables to Be Collected 8. Commodity Markets 9. Schedule of Events 10. Appendices A. Bidders Check List B. Certificate of Good Standing C. Certificate of Insurance D. Bid Bond E. Annual Report F. Bulletins to Bid
February 25 - 1994