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Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS)

MTAS Utility Management Consultant

MTAS Utility Management Consultant


The MTAS Utility Management Consultant provides professional advice and technical assistance on a wide range of water or wastewater operations, finance, and management to city officials (elected and appointed), and their staff in all cities in the state of Tennessee.

These positions consult and train on public safety issues regarding the Federal Safe Drinking Water and Clean Water Acts.

Provides water or wastewater operations, finance and management assistance to Tennessee professional organizations and agencies such as the Tennessee Water and Wastewater Association, Tennessee City Managers Association, Tennessee Municipal League, and the Tennessee Municipal League Risk Management Pool. 

Provides technical assistance to Tennessee municipal customers in water or wastewater issues. This assistance can be plant optimization and troubleshooting, producing financial reviews, assistance with mandatory reports to the Environmental Protection Agency and Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation; training of municipal staff in water or wastewater operations and regulations, safety, interpretation, and implementation of utility laws both Federal and State.

Develops publications regarding water or wastewater issues, develop and teach training programs for water or wastewater applications. Water or wastewater utility management consultants serve as in-house experts to MTAS staff. Also, may provide support to municipal natural gas systems in the areas of rate reviews, pipeline management and safety. 

Performs other special project work as assigned by the Technical Consulting Program Manager, Assistant Director, or the Executive Director.  Assists other consultants in the performance of projects and participates in team projects.


Duties and Responsibilities

Provides technical assistance to elected and appointed municipal officials and municipal staff. Provides advice and assistance for non-city clients such as elected and staff members of the Tennessee General Assembly, employees of state agencies, staff of the Tennessee Municipal League, and officers of associations of municipal officials. Professional advice and technical operational assistance to municipality associated with its water or wastewater treatment needs. This includes time to provide technical assistance to municipalities in violation of the Clean Water Act or Safe Drinking Water Act. 

Develop and maintain close working relationships with both elected and appointed city officials for the assigned cities. This includes time at city hall, phone calls, emails, research, travel and writing time. Maintains an area (or areas) of specialization and serves as the in-house expert to MTAS staff in such areas as water or wastewater plant operations, collection system operations and maintenance, distribution system operation and maintenance, infiltration and inflow analysis, cross connections, water loss, water, sewer or natural gas finances or natural gas pipeline operations and gas acquisition, laboratory testing, laboratory quality assurance, and industrial pretreatment.

Develop curriculum and provide training for Elected Officials and utility staff. This training includes federal and state regulations, finance, operations, and issues. Develop and instruct technical classes and other training classes as part of the MTAS training program. Produce course materials and provide operator continuing education classes across the state.  Research, produce, and maintain publications and on-line references on critical issues regarding water, wastewater, or natural gas utilities.


Required Qualifications


Bachelor’s in Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Engineering or related field, Master’s Preferred; Requires either TN Water Operation Grade IV license or Wastewater Grade IV license


Requires a working knowledge of the principles, practices, and processes involved in water or wastewater systems and treatment. At least five years of experience with extensive responsible administrative and supervisory experience in the operation of water or wastewater treatment facilities.


Knowledge and ability to diagnose operational deficiencies/issues in a water or wastewater utility.
Skills to offer proper corrective actions in a situation at a utility.
Ability to create informative reports and reviews in regards to operational and financial functions of a utility.
Ability to recognize a potentially hazardous condition in either drinking water or wastewater operations.
Ability to read and interpret federal or state regulations related to utility operations and management.

Self-Starter, Strong Work Ethic, Loyal and Honest 

Location: Knoxville, TN

Applicants are encouraged to review all position requirements prior to applying. Salary is based on a combination of professional experience and qualifications. 

Applicants must submit a resume with a minimum of three references. Position is open until filled.