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Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS)

Municipal Code - Johnson City

Complete Code
Date Last Updated
Ordinance Adoption Procedures
Title 1. General Administration
Title 2. Boards and Commissions, etc.
Title 3. Municipal Court
Title 4. Municipal Personnel
Title 5. Municipal Finance and Taxation
Title 6. Law Enforcement
Title 7. Fire Protection and Fireworks
Title 8. Alcoholic Beverages
JohnsonCity_t-8.pdf (168.08 KB)
Title 9. Business, Peddlers, Solicitors, etc.
JohnsonCity_t-9.pdf (170.75 KB)
Title 10. Animal Control
Title 11. Municipal Offenses
JohnsonCity_t11.pdf (118.33 KB)
Title 12. Building, Utility, etc. Codes
Title 13. Property Maintenance Regulations
JohnsonCity_t13.pdf (135.14 KB)
Title 14. Zoning and Land Use Control
Title 15. Motor Vehicles, Traffic and Parking
JohnsonCity_t15.pdf (197.16 KB)
Title 16. Streets and Sidewalks, etc.
Title 17. Refuse and Trash Disposal
Title 18. Water and Sewers
JohnsonCity_t18.pdf (302.42 KB)
Title 19. Electricity & Gas
Title 20. Miscellaneous