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New! Compact Learning on Demand is curated content meant to provide a comprehensive learning experience in a single topic area - in K@TE include Curriculum in your search or Browse for Training / Suggested.

  • Social Media: Leaning the Basics - 8 hrs CMFO (Other) - read more on K@TE.
  • Social Network: Your City and Marketing Series - 11.5 hrs CMFO (Other) - read more on K@TE.
  • Time after Time: Time Management Foundations - 7 hrs CMFO (Other) - Time management courses to help lay the groundwork for a more effficient work day. 
  • New Employee on the Computer - Office 365 - CMFO (Other) - Beginning classes on Microsoft 360 - Office, Word, Excel and Powerpoint.
  • New Employees on the Computer - 2016 Microsoft Office - CMFO (Other)-  Beginning Classes for Windows version of Microsoft 2016.  
  • Computer Security Introduction - Learn about basic security matters for everyone who uses a computer and the internet, phishing and whaling, and malware. 

Need a single finance related course? In K@TE Browse or Search for "Finance A La Carte"  including:

  • Finance for Non-financial Managers
  • Setting Your Financial Goals 
  • Managing Your Personal Finances

Looking for more than one finance class? Compact Learning on Demand has curated Financial content including: 

  • Finance R&R - 3.5 hrs CMFO (Financial)
  • Running Man Finance - 5.5 hrs CMFO (Financial)


Course prices vary - price is on description and will show up in your cart when course is selected.


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Frequently asked questions.

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Contact Cyndy Edmonds, Online Training Specialist  - cedmonds@utk.edu.