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Sample Purchasing Procedures

Reference Number: MTAS-1719
Reviewed Date: 12/20/2021

With the help of this guide, our city can create the most efficient purchasing operation possible. By clarifying the procedures, both the using department and the Purchasing Department will benefit from time saved obtaining materials, equipment and services.

The main function of the purchasing department is to aid all departments within the city by securing the best materials, supplies, equipment, and service at the lowest possible cost, while maintaining high standards of quality. One purpose of this manual is to explain city buying policies and to serve as a general framework and guide for purchasing decisions. To have a good purchasing program, all city employees directly or indirectly associated with buying must work as a team to promote the city's best interests in getting the maximum value for each dollar spent.

As revisions or additions to this manual become necessary, new pages will be sent to all recipients, who are expected to keep the guide up to date.

If there are any questions, please contact the purchasing agent at city hall. Requests for additional copies should be addressed to the same office.



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