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Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS)

Sale Of Surplus Property (Sample)

Reference Number: MTAS-1742
Reviewed Date: 12/20/2021

When a department head determines there is surplus equipment or material in the department, he or she shall notify the purchasing agent in writing. A listing of surplus equipment  that includes purchase date, amount, and current condition should be provided to the governing body for approval of disposal. After the approval of the governing body to dispose of the surplus equipment or materials, the purchasing agent will figure out the best way to dispose of these items in accordance with the entity's surplus disposal policy. This policy shall provide procedures for the disposal of items based on estimated value. Items with an estimated value of less than $100 should be disposed in cooperation with the department head. Items with an estimated value of more than $100 should be sold at public auction or advertised for bidding, which will begin after the purchasing agent has received approval from the governing body. Such equipment or materials will be sold to the highest bidder.

With approval of the governing body, surplus equipment or material may also be transferred from one department to another. The purchasing agent must be sure the finance officer is informed of the transfer or sale.