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Purchasing Forms And Methods (Sample)

Reference Number: MTAS-1722
Reviewed Date: 12/20/2021

Purchase Requisition
A purchase requisition lets the purchasing department know, in detail, what the using department needs. A requisition is required for purchases, requesting price information, initiating a bid request, and for requesting governing body approval on major expenditures.

When Prepared
Requisitions shall be prepared far enough in advance that the purchasing department can obtain competitive prices and the vendor has enough time to make the delivery.

Who Prepares the Requisition
Requisitions shall originate in the using department and must be signed by the requisitioner and the department head. The department head shall file with the purchasing department a certified memorandum listing those who are authorized to sign a requisition.

How to Prepare
A properly processed purchase requisition must contain the following information:

  • Date issued — The date the requisition is prepared.
  • Date wanted — State a definite delivery date. "AT ONCE, ASAP, and RUSH" are vague instructions and don't give the purchasing department sufficient information. Prepare far enough in advance to avoid emergencies.
  • Requisition number — Place the sequential number in this area if your department keeps a numerical requisition file.
  • Department — The complete name of using department
  • Requisitioner — Signature of the person initiating the purchase request
  • Department head — Signature of the department head
  • Suggested vendors — If there are more than three suggested vendors, the department head should list on a separate sheet.
  • To be delivered to — Be specific. If vague or indefinite, confusion may result in costly delays.
  • Item number — Numerical order of items listed.
  • Quantity — The number required.
  • Unit — Dozen, lineal feet, gallons, etc.
  • Description — Give a clear description of the items, including size, color, type, etc. If the purchase is of a technical nature, specifications should be attached to the requisition. If the item cannot be described without a great amount of detail, a brief description should be given, followed by a trade name and model number of an acceptable item “or approved equal.” Requisitions must not give specifications that will favor one supplier to the exclusion of any others.
    NOTE: Incomplete information in this area will result in the requisition being returned to the using department for clarification.
  • Account to be charged — Complete budgetary code.
  • Unit price — Price for each individual item.
  • Amount — A total of quantity times unit price.

Routing Requisitions
Prepare three copies of the purchase requisition. Send the original and one copy to the purchasing department and keep the third copy in departmental files. After the purchasing department has received at least three quotations or bids and has determined total cost of the merchandise, the cost will be listed on the original and one copy of the requisition. These copies shall then be forwarded to the finance officer. The finance officer shall certify, by signature, that the proper account has been charged and the availability of budgetary and cash funds. The original requisition must then be returned to the purchasing department and the copy filed in the office of the finance officer.

General Information
A requisition must be completed before a purchase is made, except when stated otherwise.

The purchasing department obtains prices for any needed item after receiving a departmental requisition. All requests for prices will be processed in this manner.

Suggested vendors will be of great assistance to the purchasing department and will be given full consideration. This information will allow the department to process the requisition quickly.

Approximate cost of items will help buyers know if bids are required.

If a requisition is incomplete or improperly prepared, the purchasing department shall return it to the using department for completion. An incomplete requisition can cause unnecessary delays.

The requisitioner shall not split orders to avoid any provision of the city code or charter, this manual, or any policy established by the city, nor shall requisitions be submitted for the sole purpose of using up budgetary balances.

Expediting Orders
If a company is waiting for a purchase order to process a rush job, write EXPEDITE IMMEDIATELY in the body of the requisition. The purchasing department will then contact the vendor and supply a purchase order number. This process will be the exception rather than the rule.

Insufficient Funds
If the finance officer says there is not enough in the budget account, it will be referred to the purchasing agent, who will notify the department head.