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Multi-Year Contracts for Maintenance of Water Storage Tanks Summary

Reference Number: MTAS-2044
Reviewed Date: 12/21/2021

Multi-year contracts for painting and maintenance of water storage tanks may be purchased through a request for proposals process. The RFP document must include the categories used for evaluating the proposals and the relative weight given to each category. The categories should at least include factors such as:

  • Qualifications
  • Experience on similar projects
  • Availability of workers
  • Technical approach
  • Minority participation
  • Cost
  • Any other factors deemed relevant by the procuring governmental entity

Cost is not the sole factor for evaluation. Proposers have at least thirty (30) days from public advertisement of the request for proposals to submit their proposals. The governmental entity may also require multi-year contracts to be competitively bid.

The T.C.A. citation for this topic is T.C.A. § 12-4-112.