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Modified City Manager-Council (General Law) Charters

Reference Number: MTAS-1646
Reviewed Date: 07/24/2020

T.C.A. §§ 6-30-101 et seq.
The modified city manager-council (general law) charter sets specific buying requirements for municipalities so governed. Purchasing and contract procedures not prescribed by charter or other general laws may be established by ordinance.

The city manager is responsible for preparing regula­tions governing the acquisition, custody, use, and disposal of all property and equipment. The city council must approve these rules.

The city manager, or his or her designee, is responsible for all purchasing for the municipality except for schools. The school superintendent must take care of purchasing for schools; however, purchases and contracts for schools are subject to provisions of this charter. No purchase, expenditure, or contract shall be made in excess of available school funds.

Centralized buying may be used where it is mutually agreed upon by the council and the board of education or their delegated representatives.