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Material Receiving Report (Sample)

Reference Number: MTAS-1726
Tennessee Code Annotated
Reviewed Date: July 31, 2020
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The material receiving report form is designed to let the purchasing agent and the finance officer know that an item(s) of a particular order has been received.

When Prepared
This form is completed immediately upon receipt of materials, supplies, or services.

Who Prepares
The person receiving the merchandise.

How to Prepare
A proper material receiving report must contain the following information:

  • Purchase order number — The number from the purchase order on which the items were ordered
  • From — Name of vendor
  • Material received by — Person receiving the item
  • Date received — Date the goods are received
  • Quantity — Number of items received
  • Description — Brief statement describing item(s)
  • Price — Unit price from the purchase order
  • Per — Unit measure (foot, lb., etc.)
  • Amount — Amount equal to quantity times unit cost
  • Freight charge — Amount (if any) charged for delivery

When any item(s) is not in satisfactory condition, a statement about the condition of the item(s) must be made in the description column. There is no need to write anything in this column if the item is undamaged.


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