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Form 10 - Order Confirming Report of the Jury of View

Reference Number: MTAS-1338
Reviewed Date: 10/23/2018


It appearing to the court that the Jury of View having met and reported to the court that the fair cash value of the property rights condemned is (Optional: including incidental damages to the residue of $______,) and having deposited with the clerk of this court the sum of .

It is therefore ORDERED, ADJUDGED, and DECREED:

1. That the report of the Jury of View is confirmed both as to the appropriation of the property rights condemned and the award of damages resulting from the taking, and that petitioner, _______________, upon payment to the clerk for the use of respondents the amount of damages assessed by the Jury of View and all costs of this cause, is adjudged to have acquired the following described property:

[insert a description of the property rights being condemned]

and that the property rights thus acquired and possession is divested out of respondents and vested in petitioner, ______________, and any other liens or encumbrances for taxes or the claim of any party are transferred to the funds deposited or secured.

2. That respondents [insert the name or names of all respondents ], have and recover of petitioner the sum of the same being the fair cash value of the property rights taken, for which petitioner has paid into this court the sum of .

3. That respondents are entitled to interest at the rate of two percent (2%) above prime on the amount of , that being the difference between the , deposited as tender and the Jury of View award, from the date of taking, [ insert the date of taking ], until the sum is paid into court.

4. That the members of the Jury of View be paid the sum of each for their services in this cause, the total sum to be paid to the clerk of this court by petitioner as part of the costs in this cause and that the clerk shall distribute the sum to the members of the jury.

5. That this cause be referred to the clerk for a determination of the taxes that constitute a lien on the property in accordance with Tennessee Code Annotated § 26-5-108(b).

This the ______ day of _____________, 20___.

Circuit Court Judge

Approved for Entry
________________________Attorney for Petitioner