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Authority of the Governing Body (Mod. CM-Council)

Reference Number: MTAS-1653
Reviewed Date: 12/20/2021

According to the charter, council must set by ordinance the regulations concerning all acquisitions and public improvements. The municipality may reject any and all bids.

If there is unanimous agreement of those present at the council meeting and the city manager has provided a written recommendation, council may authorize non-competitive contracts where it is clearly to the advantage of the municipality not to contract with competitive bidding.

The council may authorize public improvements or any municipal work done by a municipal department or agency without competitive bidding.

The council also may establish by ordinance all purchasing and contract procedures not addressed in the charter or other legislation.

The board of education and director of schools are subject to the conditions of the charter when making purchases and contracts for schools. The board of education stands in place of the council and the director of schools in place of the city manager.

The municipal administration and the schools may centralize buying when it is agreed upon by the council and board of education.