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Municipal Management Academy (MMA)

The Municipal Management Academy (MMA) is designed for experienced managers and supervisors who want to become more effective, as well as those who have been recently appointed to supervisory positions in municipal government. The course sessions are easily adapted for groups of different sizes and levels of experience and skill. The program serves as foundational management training for the new manager or as a refresher course for the experienced manager.

Program Overview (PDF)

If you are interested in Municipal Management Academy, please contact the consultant for your region of Tennessee:

West TN: Yolanda Dillard, Training and Development Consultant, (901) 410-5386
Middle TN: Vacant, Training and Development Consultant
East TN: Johanna Owenby, Training and Development Consultant, (865) 974-9858 

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  • Municipal Management Academy (MMA) Level I and II certificates are awarded to participants who complete all of the required sessions in the respective curricula.
  • Each level requires completion of eight classes.

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Certificates will be awarded to participants after completion of each level.

speech bubble icon What Our Customers Say About MMA

  • "This program helps our managers and supervisors do a more effective job and be more efficient."
  • "Our employees felt this program was so beneficial that we've decided to hold another session for other supervisors."
  • "This class has resulted in improved productivity and professionalism in the workplace. I'm getting nothing but positive responses from all students."
  • "Some of the group exercises force us out of our comfort zones, but they allow us to learn practical principles we can apply in the work place as well as in our personal lives."
  • "I like these classes!"

email icon Contact

Vacant, Training and Development Consultant (Middle Tennessee)
Yolanda Dillard, Training and Development Consultant, (901) 410-5386 (West Tennessee)
Johanna Owenby, Training and Development Consultant, (865) 974-9858 (East Tennessee)
Doug Brown, Training and Development Coordinator, (865) 974-9140 (East Tennessee)
Jessica Harris, Training and Development Coordinator (615) 393-6752 (Middle and West Tennessee)