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Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS)

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Frances Adams-O'Brien, Librarian | (865) 974-9842
Dawn McMillen, Senior Library Associate III | (865) 974-8970


Who we are

The Research and Information Center (RIC) serves as a clearinghouse for information produced by and about cities. We are an information center which provides research, reference and survey services. Surveys for MTAS consultants and city officials are conducted to create and collect unique information on municipal government not available from other sources. RIC staff are responsible for the quarterly MTAS E-News and posting to MTAS's Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. 

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Research and Information Center Webinars 2022: Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

In October 2021, we conducted a needs assessment survey with cities and towns regarding the services we currently provide and if there are any services we need to start providing. We received some great feedback and one of the common themes in the feedback was that we need to do a better job of letting people know about our services and that we are here to help.

To address that need, we are conducting free webinars via Zoom in April, August and September 2022. Each webinar is 30 minutes long with time at the end for Q & A.

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Overview of MTAS RIC Services; New MTAS Salary Survey | April 26, 2022  | PDF of presentation 

Searching the MTAS Website  | TBA | 10/9 am eastern/central  | Signup link coming soon

MRLn and MTAS E-Books  |  TBA  |  10/9 am eastern/central  | Signup link coming soon


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MRLn is the MTAS Research Library Online. Click here to start a "Simple Search"  Search MRLn

MRLn will: help you FIND the right articles, books, DVDs, forms and more; SAVE your searches and search results to be able to repeat the search and find all of the latest materials in your area of interest; provide a way for you to REQUEST items that you've located to be sent to you, suggest new materials for the library, and request assistance.

Learn more about MRLn ... 

  • View this "Meet MRLn" webinar recording covers the basics of how MRLn can help you. Start video
  • Need to set up your MRLn account? Click here for instructions. Instructions


MTAS Digital Archives at the UT Tennessee Research and Creative Exchange (TRACE)

MTAS maintains archival versions of its publications in the TRACE. Paper copies of the archival publications are maintained in the Knoxville Library Collection of MTAS.

Visit Trace here:


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