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Creating a multidimensional talent strategy to avert brain drain and other future disasters

Benest, Frank.
Washington, D.C. : ICMA, 2009
IQ report
Includes bibliographical references (p. 13).
Local governments face shrinking financial resources, escalating demands, and intractable community problems. To address the complex challenges that we face now and in the future, local governments need to develop a comprehensive talent strategy. Just as local governments often develop a 10-year capital plan to address the physical needs of their communities, agencies must also craft a comprehensive long-term human capital plan. Local agencies cannot address complex problems such as transportation, climate protection, economic vitality, affordable housing, and accessible health care without attracting and retaining talent, especially knowledge workers. The goal of this report is to provoke the thinking of local government leaders about the need for a talent strategy, what it would entail, and how we should implement it.
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International City/County Management Association.