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Martin E. Segal Company PPO questionnaire [S.l.] : The company, 1986
Maryville land development regulations Maryville, Tenn. : The City, 2000-
Maryville/Alcoa/Blount County Parks and Recreation Commission maintenance study Nashville, Tenn. : Tennessee Dept. of Environment and Conservation, 1991
Massage parlor license application Thornton, Colo. : The City, 2002
Mastering HR : absenteeism Brentwood, Tenn. : M. Lee Smith Publishers, 2010
Mastering HR : health benefits Brentwood, Tenn. : M. Lee Smith Publishers, 2011
Mastering the fire service assessment center Tulsa, Okla. : PennWell, 2006
Mastering the politics of planning : crafting credible plans and policies that make a difference San Francisco, Calif. : Jossey-Bass, 1991
Mastering the teaching of adults Malabar, Fla. : Krieger Pub. Co., 1991
Maximize the potential of your public library : a report on the innovative ways public libraries are addressing community priorities Washington, D.C. : International City/County Management Association, 2011
Maximum value for tower leases Montgomery, Ala. : Alabama League of Municipalities, 2016
Maybe your downtown needs a report card 1997
Mayor & councilmember handbook Olympia, Wash. : Association of Washington Cities, 2013
Mayor : best job in politics Philadelpia, PA : University of Pennsylvania Press, 2018
Mayor's handbook Olympia, Wash. ; Seattle, Wash. : Association of Washington Cities Municipal Research & Services Center, 1999
McMinnville at a milestone - 1810-1960 : a memento of the sesquicentennial year of McMinnville - Tennessee - 1960 - and Warren County - Tennessee - 1958 McMinnville, Tenn. : Standard Pub. Co, 1960
Measurement for results : implementing performance measures in local government Washington, D.C. : ICMA University, 2000
Measurement of water flow through pipe orifice with free discharge Mission Woods, Kan. : Layne Christensen Company, 2000?
Measures of success : a special performance report on City of Cincinnati operations Cincinnati, Ohio : The City, 1985
Measuring excellence : the fire service must develop a unique set of standards to measure performance 1986
Measuring fire service performance Washington, D.C. : International City Management Association, 1977
Measuring instructional results - or - Got a match : how to find out if your instructional objectives have been achieved Atlanta, GA : Center for Effective Performance, 1997
Measuring leadership skills : a survey of law enforcement assessment centers in the United States 2001
Measuring ROI in learning & development : case studies from global organizations Alexandria, VA : ASTD Press, 2012
Measuring the performance of local governments 1997
Measuring the performance of local governments in North Carolina 1997
Measuring up : governing's guide to performance measurement for geniuses (and other public managers) Washington, D.C. : Governing Books, 1998
Mechanicsville commons design guidelines Pittsburgh, Penn. : Urban Design Associates, 2006
Mechanicsville historic district design guidelines Knoxville, Tenn. : Knoxville/Knox County MPC, 2011
Media law in Tennessee Stillwater, Okla. : New Forums Press, 1993
Media relations : the manager's role Washington, D.C. : ICMA, 1999
Media relations on trial : how Virginia Beach and Chesapeake handled 600 reporters on the courthouse steps 2004
Mediation in a city-county annexation dispute : the negotiations process EIA Review
Medical contract Chattanooga, Tenn. : The City, 1993
Medical examinations and compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act May 29,1992.
Medical marijuana in New Jersey : answers to frequently asked questions Trenton, N.J. : New Jersey State League of Municipalities, 2013
Medical marijuana issues in the workplace - ADA and arbitrations Columbus, Ohio : Ohio Municipal League, 2017
Meeting administration handbook Pasadena, Calif. : International Institute of Municipal Clerks, 1988
Meeting management S.l. : Creative Interchange, n.d.
Mega-projects : the changing politics of urban public investment Washington, D.C.; Cambridge, Mass. : Brookings Institution Press; Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, 2003
Memorandum of understanding between the City of Knoxville (City) and Knoxville Utilities Board (KUB) on fire service computations (hydrant rental) Knoxville, Tenn. : The City, 1999
Memorandum of Understanding for wastewater operational technical assistance September 26,1995.
Memorandum of understanding Loudon Utilities Board Loudon, Tenn. : Loudon Utilities Board, 1998
Memphis city property tax collections : analysis of proposal from Shelby County Trustee Martin, Tenn. : University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Municipal Technical Advisory Service, 1992
Memphis down in Dixie New York : E.P. Dutton, 1948
Memphis Fire Department : an assessment of the emergency medical service system Hillsboro, MO : Ludwig Group, 2005
Memphis in the Great Depression Knoxville, Tenn. : University of Tennessee Press, 1986
Memphis Light - Gas and Water Division disaster response plan Memphis, Tenn. : MLGW, 1990
Memphis Light - Gas and Water Division specification no. 56-23X6 - 6" fire hydrants Memphis, Tenn. : The Division, 1989
Memphis Light - Gas and Water Division specification no. 56-23X8 - 8" fire hydrants Memphis, Tenn. : The Division, 1989
Memphis memoirs Memphis, Tenn. : Memphis State University Press, 1980
Memphis park opens skateboarding area 2012
Memphis repairs sewer pipes with Insituform process 1992
Memphis sketches Memphis, Tenn. : Friends of Memphis and Shelby County Libraries, 1976
Memphis turns sludge into energy 1991
Menace to society 2012
Mental disability law : a primer Washington, D.C. : Commission on Mental and Physical Disability Law, American Bar Association, 1995
Mentoring matters [videorecording] Denver, Colo. : IG, 2007
Metering best practices : a guide to achieving utility resource efficiency - release 3.0 Oak Ridge, Tenn. : Office of Scientific and Technical Information, 2015
Meth hazards 2005
Methamphetamine 2004
Metro Animal Control barking up the right tree with high technology 2009
Metro historic zoning handbook Nashville, Tenn. : The Commission, 2014
Metropolitan business recruitment organizations 1989
Metropolitan consolidation versus metropolitan governance in Louisville 2000
Metropolitan government charter for Chattanooga and Hamilton County - Tennessee Memphis, Tenn. : The Commission, 1964
Metropolitan government gas franchise agreement Nashville, Tenn. : Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, 1974
Metropolitan government in Tennessee : a legal framework Knoxville, Tenn. : Institute for Public Service, The University of Tennessee; Appalachian Regional Commission, 1988
Metropolitan governmental adaptation and the lessons of reform
Metropolitan Nashville's combined sewer overflow abatement program 1993
Metropolitan Tennessee : the role of metropolitan areas as the economic engines of the state economy Chattanooga, Tenn. : Ochs Center for Metropolitan Studies, 2010
Metropolitics : the Nashville consolidation East Lansing, Mich. : Institute for Community Development and Services, Michigan State University, 1963
Microsoft Power BI cookbook : creating business intelligence solutions of analytical data models, reports, and dashboards / Brett Powell.
Middle Tennessee Recyclers Marketing Cooperative Tennessee : [S.n.], 1993
Middle Tennessee short line railroad delivers 1989
Mightier than the keyboard 1994
Military leave Alexandria, Va. : International Personnel Management Association, 2001
Millennials - safety and ergonomics 2017
Millennials rising : the next great generation New York : Vintage Books, 2000
Miller GAAP guide [electronic resource] : restatement and analysis of current FASB standards New York : Aspen Pub., 2004-
Millersville Police Department property manual Millersville, Tenn. : The Dept., 1997
Mindfulness reinvented : a toolkit for trainers CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014
Minding the STOR : JSTOR expands access Medford, NJ : Information Today, Inc., 2017
Mining for gold in unconventional places Alexandria, Va. : Water Environment Federation, 2015
Miscellaneous local taxes and fees Nashville, Tenn. : TACIR, 2002
Missing the mark 2009
Mixed plastics recycling technology Park Ridge, N.J. : Noyes Data Corp., 1992
Mobile computing : "lessons learned" 2007
Model agreement for engineering services Albany, N.Y. : New York (State). Dept. of State, Environmental Conservation and Health, [1990?]
Model cable franchise Knoxville, Tenn. : Municipal Technical Advisory Service, The University of Tennessee, 2000
Model cable television franchise - short version and accompanying comments Grand Rapids, Mich. : The Firm, 2003
Model cash handling training manual / Association of Public Treasurers of the United States and Canada. [Tawas City, Mich.] : Association of Public Treasurers of the United States and Canada, [2015].
Model city charter : defining good government in a new millennium Denver, Colo. : National Civic League, 2003
Model constitutional provisions for municipal home rule Chicago, Ill. : American Municipal Association, 1953
Model energy code Falls Church, Va. : The Council, 1992
Model impact fee ordinance Ventura, Calif. : NIMLO, 2001
Model request for proposal : critiquing a solid waste contract Bowling Green, Ohio : Bowling Green State University, Center for Governmental Research and Public Service, 1993
Model state conflict of interest and financial disclosure law New York : National Municipal League, 1979
Modeling our world : the ESRI guide to geodatabase design Redlands, Cailf. : ESRI Press, 1999
Modernizing democracy : innovations in citizen participation Armonk, N.Y. : M.E. Sharpe, 2006
Modular or trailer homes Nashville, Tenn. : Hildebrand, Nolan, Lane, Underhill, Porter, Mondelli, Duer, and Tomlinson, 1985
Money matters : getting economic development into the mix 2005
Monster mash [electronic resource] : putting a stop to too-big houses Washington, D. C. : IMLA, 2007
Montgomery Bell state resort park Nashville, Tenn. : Tennessee. Dept. of Environment and Conservation, 1994
Monthly fire prevention and public fire education planning guide 2011-2012 Nashville, Tenn. : Tennessee State Fire Marshal's Office, 2011
Moody's expands rating scale for all public finance issues
Moody's on municipals : an introduction to issuing debt New York : Moody's Investors Service, Inc, 1987
More games trainers play : experiential learning exercises New York : McGraw Hill, 1983
More municipalities are considering bankruptcy Trenton, N.J. : New Jersey State League of Municipalities, 2012
Motor pool rentals : the wheel deal 2001
Mount Union College cellular phone policy and procedures 2004
Moving at the speed of light : the latest in e-discovery Portland, Ore. : IMLA, 2006
MTAS & TCAPWA share roots and relationships 2009
MTAS : the eyes of experience - a helping hand 2009
MTAS : where yesterday is the future and tomorrow's today 2009
MTAS celebrates 60 years of service 2009
MTAS director's bulletins Knoxville, Tenn. : Municipal Technical Advisory Service, The University of Tennessee, 1987-1993
MTAS has you covered 2017
MTAS municipal technical reports Knoxville, Tenn. : Municipal Technical Advisory Service, The University of Tennessee, 1973-1986
MTAS reading file Knoxville, Tenn. : Municipal Technical Advisory Service, The University of Tennessee, 1991-1996
MTAS staff update Knoxville, Tenn. : Municipal Technical Advisory Service, The University of Tennessee, 1989-1995
MTAS technical bulletins Knoxville, Tenn. : Municipal Technical Advisory Service, The University of Tennessee, 1950-1957,1973-
MUD rehab yields savings 2014
Mulching mowers Knoxville, Tenn. : Agricultural Extension Service, The University of Tennessee, 1993
Multi-regional annexation study Kingston, Tenn. : Kingston Municipal/Regional Planing Commission, 2005
Multifamily housing trends in Knox County Knoxville, Tenn. : MPC, 1996
Multijurisdictional reorganization : city-county consolidations and federated governments
Multiyear budgeting Washington, D.C. : ICMA, 1999
Municipal attorney law : appointment - election - qualifications - tenure - powers - duties - liabilities - conflicts of interest - outside municipal counsel Washington, D.C. : Law of Local Government Operations Project, Government Law Series, 1984
Municipal benchmarks : assessing local performance and establishing community standards Thousand Oaks : Sage Publications, Calif., 1996
Municipal benchmarks : assessing local performance and establishing community standards Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Sage Publications, 2001
Municipal benchmarks : assessing local performance and establishing community standards Armonk, NY : M. E. Sharpe, 2012
Municipal biodiesel production offers energy savings 2010
Municipal bonds : the comprehensive review of tax-exempt securities and public finance New York : McGraw-Hill, 1980
Municipal boundaries in Tennessee : annexation and growth planning policies after Public Chapter 707 Nashville, Tenn. : TACIR, 2015
Municipal cash management Illinois : Illinois. Dept. of Commerce and Community Affairs, 1981
Municipal cemeteries : a case study of Rome - Ga. Atlanta, Ga. : Georgia Municipal League, 1980
Municipal clerks : examining a model of job satisfaction 2010
Municipal communications : a model plan Knoxville, Tenn. : University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Municipal Technical Advisory Service, n.d.
Municipal consolidation : an analysis of the financial benefits for fiscally distressed small municipalities Newbury Park, Calif. : Sage Publications, 1992
Municipal consolidation issues - theory and effect State College, Penn.; Washington, D.C. : The Council ; Distributed by Management Information Publications, ICMA, 1991
Municipal disposal of freon-containing appliances under the Clean Air Act : a case study of Knoxville - TN Knoxville, Tenn. : Knoxville Office of Solid Waste, 1993
Municipal drug testing 2004
Municipal engineering : building blocks of creativity 1992
Municipal golf courses Lexington, Ky. : Kentucky League of Cities, 1994
Municipal government and administration in Tennessee Knoxville, Tenn. : University of Tennessee, Division of University Extension, 1939
Municipal government management : the time has come for professional management in Tennessee Nashville, Tenn. : TCMA, 1990
Municipal liability for building inspections Toronto : City of Toronto Legal Department, 1999
Municipal management New York : McGraw-Hill, 1941
Municipal manager's emergency planning checklist 1995
Municipal politics and power : Tennessee Municipal League in action Nashville, Tenn. : Municipal Press, 1986
Municipal productivity : a comparison of fourteen high-quality- service cities New York : Praeger, 1984
Municipal recognition programs 1997
Municipal regulation of pesticides : a primer on U.S. and Canadian law 2004
Municipal skate parks catch air 1999
Municipal solid waste : an energy resource Silver Spring, Md. : SWANA, 1991
Municipal stormwater management Boca Raton, Fla. : Lewis Publishers, 2003
Municipal waste disposal : Second Circuit post-Carbone fallout 1995
Municipal wastewater treatment with artificial wetlands : a TVA/Kentucky demonstration Chattanooga, Tenn. : Tennessee Valley Authority, 1986
Municipalities and employee electronic communications League of Wisconsin Municipalities, 2010
Municipalities and multiple residential housing : condominiums and rent control Washington, D.C. : National Institute of Municipal Law Officers, 1976,c1975
Municipalities score big with sports marketing initiatives 2008
Municipally owned and operated cemeteries Washington, D.C. : ICMA, 1978
MUTCD 2009 : manual on uniform traffic control devices for streets and highways Washington, D.C. : U.S. Dept. of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, 2009
Mutual aid agreements : a guide for intergovernmental emergency management Knoxville, Tenn. : University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Municipal Technical Advisory Service, 1981
Myths - misconceptions - & realities of disability Windmills, 1991
NAHB model green home building guidelines Washington, D.C. : National Association of Home Builders, 2006
Nanotechnology in the water industry - part 1 : occurrence and risks Denver, Colo. : AWWA, 2017
Nashville - 1900-1910 Nashville, Tenn. : Vanderbilt University Press, 1972
Nashville : conserving a heritage Nashville, Tenn. : Historical Commission of Metropolitan Nashville-Davidson County, 1977
Nashville : personality of a city Indianapolis, Ind. : Bobbs-Merrill, 1960
Nashville metro : the politics of city-county consolidation Nashville, Tenn. : Vanderbilt University Press, 1966
Nashville metropolitan government : the first decade Knoxville, Tenn. : Bureau of Public Administration, University of Tennessee, 1974
Nashville since the 1920s Knoxville, Tenn. : University of Tennessee Press, 1985
Nashville's new courthouse : tradition & security 2007
Nashville's trenchless sewer rehab stops leaks - pleases residents 1996
National fire service resource guide Greenbelt, MD : National Volunteer Fire Council, 2010
National perspectives on Tennessee taxes Nashville, Tenn. : Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, 1998
Navigating the fiscal crisis : tested strategies for local leaders Tempe, Ariz. : Alliance for Innovation; Arizona State University, 2009
Needs assessment basics : a complete - how-to guide to help you: design effective - on-target training solutions - get support - ensure bottom-line impact Alexandria, Va. : ASTD, 2005
Negotiating and drafting joint venture agreements with private development interests Denver, Colo. : Gorsuch, Kirgis, Campbell, Walker and Grover, 1992
Neighbor law : fences - trees - boundaries and noise Berkely, Calif. : Nolo Press, 1991
Neighborhood development program for Maryville redevelopment areas no. 1 - 2 - and 3 Maryville, Tenn. : MHA, 1975
Neighborhood development strategies Washington, D.C. : IEDC, 2002
Neighborhood empowerment 1995
Neighborhood service delivery Washington, D.C. : International City/County Management Association, 1993
NeighborWoods alliance for community trees guide and workbook : recipes for community action. Sacramento, Calif. : Sacramento Tree Foundation, 2000
New council member orientation: instilling the spirit of high performance Washington, D.C. : ICMA, 2006
New EPA standard for investigating contaminated sites : protection for those conducting "all appropriate inquiries" 2004
New FMLA regulations leave employers scrambling to comply 2009
New hire background checks : the four things you need to know Tampa, Fla. : Thompson, 2006
New Madrid Fault national exercise 2011
New rules for landfills Santa Barbara, Calif. : Forester Media, 2016
New rules of engagement : shifting the focus for a goal-oriented workforce Washington, D.C. : ICMA, 2011
New supervisor training Alexandria, Va. : ATD Press, 2015
New survey from Gallagher Benefit Services identifies cost control as the top employee benefits issue for employers Alexandria, Va. : IPMA, 2013
New tech - new trouble? : stepping up to the challenges of wastewater technology 2005
New weapons in the fight against gangs 2009
Newport Newport, Tenn. : Clifton Club, 1970
NFPA surveys U.S. fire departments 1993
NFPA's illustrated dictionary of fire service terms Quincy, Mass : NFPA, 2006
NIGP compensation survey report 2005 Herndon, Va. : NIGP, 2005
NIMLO model ordinance regulating solicitors Washington, D.C. : National Institute of Municipal Law Officers, 1989
NIMLO model ordinance regulating street and sidewalk venders Washington, D.C. : National Institute of Municipal Law Officers, 1990
NIMLO model ordinance service Washington, D.C. : National Institute of Municipal Law Officers
NIMLO seminar on environmental liability Arlington, Va. : NIMLO, 1991
NIMLO's model newsrack ordinance Washington, D.C. : 1990
NIMS and the Incident Command System 2005
NIMS incident command system field guide Lake Oswego, Ore. : Informed, 2006
Nine counties - one vision : a region growing into greatness Knoxville, Tenn. : Nine Counties, One Vision, 2001
Nine lessons for improving volunteer recruitment 1996
Nine points to know about accepting certificates of insurance Laguna Hills, Calif. : Advanced Risk Management Techniques, 1992
No loitering : some ideas about small town teenage hangouts 1993
Norfolk residents benefit from partnership with regional sanitation district 2004
Norfolk takes a relentless approach in mission to rid city of nuisances 2006
North Carolina local government performance measurement project North Carolina, 2001
North Carolina state building code. Volume I-C : making buildings and facilities accessible to and usable by persons with disabilities Raleigh, N.C. : North Carolina Building Code Council, North Carolina Dept. of Insurance, 1991-
Not for members only 1996
Not in my back yard : removing barriers to affordable housing : executive summary : report to president Bush and secretary Kemp Washington, D.C. : The Commission, 1991
Notary public handbook Nashville, Tenn. : County Technical Assistance Service, University of Tennessee, 2016
Noted women in TCAPWA's history 2007
Notice of special meeting Piperton, Tenn. : The City, 1982
Notice to tenants required before city water shut-off 1994
Now what? : 50 tips for newly-elected local government officials Richmond, Va. : Virginia Municipal League, 2014
Nuisance abatement Washington, DC : Management Information Service, c1996
Nuisance regulation for Washington cities and counties Seattle, Wash. : The Center, 2000
Nutrient removal New York; Alexandria, Va. : McGraw Hill; WEF Press, 2011
Nuts! : Southwest Airlines' crazy recipe for business and personal success New York : Broadway Books, 1998
Oak Ridge : looking to the future : final report Knoxville, Tenn. : University of Tennessee, Social Science Research Institute, 1996
Oak Ridge uses preventative maintenance strategies on streets 1995
Observations of Japan 1988
Occupational health and safety for the fire service Boston, MA : Pearson Education, 2012
Of pencils and procurement : cities closing the loop 1995
Offensive and defensive media tactics 1995
Offensive odors don't always mean septic system failure Morgantown, W. Va. : National Small Flows Clearinghouse, West Virginia University, 2004
Office market analysis for Knoxville and Knox County Knoxville, Tenn. : Knoxville/Knox County Metropolitan Planning Commission
Official leadership in the city : patterns of conflict and cooperation New York : Oxford University Press, 1990
Oh Lord : invocational prayer and local government 2014
Old easements may never die - or even fade away 2001
Old Graveyard Memorial Park Pulaski, Tenn. : The City, 1971
Old North Knoxville historic district design guidelines Knoxville, Tenn. : Knoxville/Knox County MPC, 2003
Old times in West Tennessee : reminiscences - semi-historic - of pioneer life and the early emigrant settlers in the Big Hatchie country Evansville, Ind. : Unigraphic, 1975
On a clear day you can understand the Clean Air Act : an overview of the Clean Air Act amendments of 1990 and compliance assistance available to Tennessee businesses Nashville, Tenn. : Center for Industrial Services, The University of Tennessee, 1996
On again - off again : intermittent leave under the FMLA Tampa, Fla. : Thompson, 2007
On campus or out of town : how publishing online tutorials can help your patrons 2009
On-premise signs as storefront marketing devices and systems Washington, D.C.; Sherwood, Ore. : U.S. Small Business; Signage Foundation, 2005
One hundred years of public works equipment : an illustrated history Chicago, Ill. : Public Works Historical Society, 1986
One lot subdivision Knoxville, Tenn. : The Commission, 1988
One river-- seven States : TVA-state relations - in the development of the Tennessee River Knoxville, Tenn. : Bureau of Public Administration, University of Tennessee, 1955
One step at a time 1990
One step at a time : critical factors to consider when designing a transfer station 1997
Online reporting 2004
Online university proving popular with VML insurance program members 2008
Ontario takes code enforcement wireless Sacramento, Calif. : League of California Cities, 2003
Open for discussion 2003
Open government guide : access to public records and meetings in Tennessee Washington, D.C. : Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press., 2006
Open source tools : sharpen your websites with drupal Medford, NJ : Information Today, Inc., 2017
Opening the doors to municipal government Indianapolis, Ind. : The Association, 1995
Operability reviews : to do or not to do 1994
Operation and maintenance guidelines for use in the design review of wastewater treatment plants Boston, Mass. : Professional Services Group, 1993
Operation and maintenance of wastewater collection systems : a field study training program Sacramenta, Calif. : The University, 2003-2004
Operation and maintenance of wastewater collection systems : a field study training program / Office of Water Programs, University Enterprises, Inc., California State University, Sacramento. Sacramento, Calif. : The University, 2018
Operation meltdown 2008
Operation of municipal animal control facilities July 11,1995.
Operation of municipal wastewater treatment plants Alexandria, Va. : Water Environment Federation, 1996
Operation of wastewater treatment plants : a field study training program / prepared by Office of Water Programs, College of Engineering and Computer Science, California State University, Sacramento, in cooperation with California Water Environment... [Sacramento] : [California State University], 2008.
Operation of water resource recovery facilities New York; Alexandria, Va. : McGraw Hill; WEF Press, 2017
Operational control of coagulation and filtration processes Denver, Colo. : American Water Works Association, 1992
Operations and maintenance benchmarks Houston, TX : International Facility Management Association, 2009
Operations planning for improved performance in a tough economy Washington, D.C. : ICMA, 2009
Opportunity 21 : an economic vision for growth and prosperity in the 21st century : a report to Governor Don Sundquist Nashville, Tenn. : Tennessee Board for Economic Growth, 1996
Option agreement for the sale of industrial property from the City of Loudon to American Honda Loudon, Tenn. : The City, 1994
Oregon can't charge extra for in-state disposals of out-of-state waste 1994
Organizational culture : its importance in performance measurement 1994
Organizing your first forum-study circle Dayton, Ohio : National Issues Forums, 1994
Original pronouncements : governmental accounting and financial reporting standards Norwalk, Conn. : Governmental Accounting Standards Board, 1997-
Origins of the TVA : the Muscle Shoals controversy - 1920-1932 Nashville, Tenn. : Vanderbilt University Press, 1961
OSHA inspections Washington, D.C. : U.S. Dept. of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health, 2002
OSHA issues regs on AIDS and hepatitis 1992
OSHA's staffing clarification - explained 1995
Out of sight - out of mind : what every local government should know about pipeline safety Fredericksburg, Va. : [S.n.], 1996
Out of the fire station and into the community 1996
Out of the station - into the community 1996
Outline of efforts to develop an interlocal agreement between the City of Crossville and Cumberland County for a joint arson investigator Knoxville, Tenn. : University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Municipal Technical Advisory Service, 1986
Outsourced? 2011
Overcoming the inadequacies of performance measurement in local government : the case of libraries and leisure services 1995
Overtime ins and outs : how to comply with the FLSA Brentwood, Tenn. : M. Lee Smith Publishers, 2009
Ownership transition : ensuring a successful sale of your water company Denver, Colo. : AWWA, 2013
Oxidation-reduction potential resurfaces in wastewater treatment
Paddle boat concessions Salisbury, Md.; Cookeville, Tenn. : The Cities, 1996
Pandemic response and emerging laws Portland, Ore. : IMLA, 2006
Parish/state partnership : a win-win model
Park - recreation - open space and greenway guidelines Arlington, Va. : National Recreation and Park Association, 1996
Park maintenance standards Arlington, Va. : The Association, 1986
Parks & recreation benchmarking program Nashville, Tenn. : Tennessee. Dept. of Environment and Conservation. Recreation Educational Services Division, 2005
Parks and recreation delivery system development for Tennessee local governments Nashville, Tenn. : Tennessee. Dept. of Environment and Conservation, 1994
Parks and recreation parental consent and liability waiver forms 2006
Parliamentary procedure : a guide for city officials Atlanta, Ga. : GMA, 2007
Parliamentary procedure for local officials Madison, Wis. : League of Wisconsin Municipalities, 2017
Partners for good housing : a guidebook for tenants - landlords - and homeowners Athens, Ga. : The Institute, 1990
Partnerships to prevent youth violence Washington, D.C. : Dept. of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance, 1991
Pass it on : what we know - what we want you to know Tulsa, Okla. : PennWell Corp; Fire Engineering, 2014
Passing the baton : who will take it? 2010
Past is prologue : ORRRC at 40! 2002
Past times : a daybook of Knoxville history Knoxville, Tenn. : Knoxville News-Sentinel, 1991
Paths to new regionalism 2000
Pathway for floods Knoxville, Tenn. : TVA, 1984
Pavement management Nashville, Tenn. : Center for Government Training, The University of Tennessee, 1992
Pavement management program helps Hendersonville get on track Kingston, TN : Tennessee Chapter American Public Works Association, 2018
Pay for performance Alexandria, Va. : The Association, 1999
Pay for performance : the road to success Washington, D.C. : ICMA, 2007
Pay for performance program Claremont, Calif. : The City, 1993
Pay to play 2004
Pay-for-performance in local government : use and effectiveness 1993
Paying for growth : General Assembly authorizations for development taxes and impact fees Nashville, Tenn. : The Commission, 2002
Paying for off-site road improvements through fees - assessments - and negotiations : lessons from California 1988
Paying for prosperity : impact fees and job growth Washington, D.C. : Brookings Institution Center on Urban and Metropolitan Policy, 2003
Paying the bills 1997
Paying up front for disposal of special wastes 2003
Payment agent agreement Maryville, Tenn. : The City, 1991
PCS site agreement : a personal communications service system facility and related antenna equipment and fixtures Mt. Juliet, Tenn. : The City, 1996
Peak performance : how Denver's Peak Academy is saving money - boosting morale and just maybe changing the world (And how you can too!) Washington, D.C. : Governing Books, 2016
Pedestrian/bicycle bridge conceptual design phase : Knoxville south waterfront redevelopment area Knoxville, Tenn. : Lawrie & Associates, 2011
Pension Protection Act of 2006 affects defined benefits plans Glastonbury, Conn. : USI Consulting Group, 2006
People styles at work : making bad relationships good and good relationships better New York : AMACOM, 1996
People styles at work and beyond : making bad relationships good and good relationships better New York, NY : American Management Association; AMACOM, 2009
Performance and cost data : Phase 1 : City services Chapel Hill, N.C. : Institute of Government, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1997
Performance and indemnity agreement [permit] Knoxville, Tenn. : The City, 1993
Performance appraisals : the ongoing legal nightmare Ramsey, N.J. : Alexander Hamilton Institute, c2002
Performance appraisals [videorecording] : getting results Mill Valley, Calif. : Kantola Productions, 2003
Performance auditing for economic development 1986
Performance auditing in local government Chicago, Ill. : Government Finance Officers Association, 1984
Performance budgeting : states' experiences can inform federal efforts Washington, D.C . : The Office, 2005
Performance budgeting for state and local government Armonk, N.Y. : M.E. Sharpe, 2003
Performance incentive contracting : using the purchasing process to find money rather than spend it 1998
Performance indicators : Phoenix Parks - Recreation and Library Department Washington, D.C. : American Society for Public Administration, 1996
Performance management Alexandria, Va. : IPMA, 1999
Performance management and measurement 1998
Performance management purpose - executive engagement - and reported benefits among leading local governments Thousand Oaks, Calif. : SAGE, 2013
Performance measurement : getting results Washington, D.C. : Urban Institute, 2006
Performance measurement : the key to accelerating organizational improvement Alexandria, Va. : Price Waterhouse, 1993
Performance measurement and cost accounting : are they complementary or competing systems of control? Washington, D.C. : American Society for Public Administration, 2016
Performance measurement and improvement of local services Washington, D.C. : HUD, 1980
Performance measurement in public works : a nuts and bolts guide for public works professionals Kansas City, Mo. : APWA, 2000
Performance measures and benchmarks in local government facilities maintenance Washington, D.C. : International City/County Management Association, 2002
Performance measures for the City of Calgary Calgary, Alberta : The City, 1997
Performance-based contracting Washington, D.C. : ICMA, 2001
Permit and reservation forms for use of park property Cleveland, Ohio : Cleveland Metroparks, 1993
Personal archiving : a guide to software and tools Medford, NJ : Information Today, Inc., 2013
Personnel evaluations : are we being effective? 1996
Personnel management in government : politics and process Boca Raton, Fl. : CRC Press, 2014
Pest management for local governments 1991
Peter Block on Community [videorecording]: the structure of belonging Washington, D.C. : ICMA, 2009
Peter Drucker on the profession of management Boston, Mass : Harvard Business School Press, 1998
Petition for incorporation election for the City of Bean Station - Tennessee Bean Station, Tenn. : Bean Station, 1996
Petition for incorporation election for Town (City) of Nolensville - Tennessee Nolensville, Tenn. : Nolensville, 1997
Petition of Hallsdale-Powell Utility District of Knox County - Tennessee - and Lyle B. Lee regarding the authority and boundaries of the Northeast Knox Utility District of Knox County - Tennessee Knoxville, Tenn. : Kennerly, Montgomery & Finley, P.C., 1999
Petty cash Richmond (Va) : The City, 1999
Phoenix government centre 1989
Phosphate inhibitor use at US utilities 2002
Picking up the pieces of the governmental attorney-client privilege after In Re Lindsey Chicago, Ill. : Quinlan & Crisham, 1999
PILOT payments for community residences for the mentally disabled Albany, N.Y. : New York State Conference of Mayors & Municipal Officials, 1997
Pitfalls for the city attorney in municipal construction Atlanta, Ga : Phillips & Reid, 1994
Plain talk on quality growth [videorecording] : an East Tennessee conference Knoxville, Tenn. : East Tennessee Quality Growth, 2007
Plan of metropolitan government for Nashville and Davidson County Nashville, Tenn. : The Commission, 1956
Plan or die : 10 keys to organizational success San Diego, Calif. : Pfeiffer & Co., 1993
Plan review forms for the 2000 international codes Falls Church, Va, : International Code Council, 2001
Planning & zoning workshop : subdivision regulations & infrastructure Nashville, Tenn. : Local Planning Assistance Office, 2005
Planning a council chamber Washington, D.C. : International City Management Association, 1983
Planning and zoning workshop : subdivision regulations and infrastructure Knoxville, Tenn. : UT-MTAS, 2005
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