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Dallas juvenile curfew ordinance constitutional 1994
Daniel Pink on A whole new mind [videorecording] Washington, D.C. : ICMA, 2008
Dare to share 2001
Dark water rising : fixing America's broken water infrastructure systems Overland Park, Kansas : Penton Media, 2015
Data book for civil engineers New York : Wiley, 1968
Data democratization : open data is valuable to citizens and public agencies alike, but big shifts are needed to tap into its benefits / Jason Axelrod. 2019
Database utility rate model for cost recovery : financial cost allocation 1993
Dealing with blight : strategies for Tennessee's communities Nashville, Tenn. : Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, 2012
Dealing with conflict and anger Shawnee Mission, Kan. : National Press, 1996
Dealing with cynical citizens 1997
Dealing with the irate customer [videorecording] : customer service. Mill Valley, Calif. : Kantola Productions, 2009
Dealing with used refrigerants in the '90s : a collection of papers from the ASHRAE meetings at Anaheim - California - and Denver - Colorado - January 1992 and June 1993 Atlanta, Ga. : ASHRAE, 1993
Debt 101 - Volume I [electronic resource] : issuing bonds Chicago, Ill. : GFOA, 2016
Debt 101 - Volume II [electronic resource] : responsibilities after bond issuance Chicago, Ill. : GFOA, 2016
Debt limits and borrowing patterns in twelve southeastern states : where there's a will.... 1996
Decent places off the beaten path : a look at the attraction of small communities in the United States 1996
Decentralize - deformalize - demystify : Portsmouth gets a new FOIA policy 2006
Decision making 2006
Decisions - decisions : retirement plan choices for public employees and employers Washington, D.C. : National Institute on Retirement Security, 2011
Decisive : how to make better choices in life and work New York : Crown Business, 2013
Decoding resistance to change 2009
Defending municipal source water supplies San Antonio, Tex. : IMLA, 2004
Delivering knock your socks off service New York : AMACOM, 1998
Delivering on the promise of nonprofits 2008
Delivering wireless to your community--without the proliferation of towers Cary, N.C. : SpectraSite, 2004
Description and recommendations for a prototype animal shelter Washington, D.C. : Humane Society of the United States, 1981
Design and cultural responsibility : ideas for decision makers in communities - business - and government Bloomfield Hills, Mich. : Cranbrook Academy of Art, 1997
Design and performance of the artificial wetlands wastewater treatment plant at Iselin - Pennsylvania Chattanooga, Tenn. : Tennessee Valley Authority, 1986
Design charts for open-channel flow Springfield, Va. : Dept. of Commerce, National Technical Information Service, 1961
Design elements : the newest innovations in collection trucks Santa Barbara, CA. : Forester Media, 2007
Design for how people learn [San Francisco, CA] : New Riders, 2016
Design guidelines : an essential tool to address the impact of small cells in the right-of-way Columbus, Ohio : Ohio Municipal League, 2018
Design of municipal wastewater treatment plants Alexandria, Va.; Reston, Va. : Water Environment Federation; American Society of Civil Engineers, 1998
Design review Washington, D.C. : International City/County Management Association, 2000
Design standards for streets and drainage Knoxville, Tenn. : The City, 1996
Designing a democratic council chamber for the small municipality Municipal Management, 1984
Designing a successful KM strategy : a guide for the knowledge management professional Medford, NJ : Information Today, 2015
Designing an electoral system for a consolidated government Albany, N.Y. : Graduate School of Public Affairs, SUNY at Albany, 1969
Designing and conducting survey research : a comprehensive guide San Francisco, Calif. : Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1992
Designing fire protection for high-rise buildings 1994
Designing for effective sediment and erosion control on construction sites Santa Barbara, Calif. : ForesterPress, 2001
Designing for effective sediment and erosion control on construction sites Santa Barbara, Calif. : ForesterPress, 2004
Designing training programs : Eighteen case studies from the real world of training Alexandria, Va. : ASTD, 1996
Destination branding for small cities : the essentials for successful place branding Portland, Ore. : Creative Leap Books, 2007
Detect and prevent antitrust violations 1998
Determinant factors in business location decisions : a Tennessee update Knoxville, Tenn. : Center for Business and Economic Research, The University of Tennessee, 1988
Determinants of performance measurement : an investigation into the decision to conduct citizen surveys 2008
Determining compensation costs [electronic resource] : an approach to estimating and analyzing expense Scottsdale, Ariz. : WorldatWork, 2001
Determining public library service areas : background - assumptions and methodology Nashville, TN : Tennessee Library Association, 1991
Determining responsibility under the Affordable Care Act Madison, Wis. : League of Wisconsin Municipalities, 2013
Determining the current and potential economic impact of exporting : the case of international trade in Madison County - Alabama 1988
Developing an emergency operations center Washington, DC : ICMA, 1998
Developing and establishing urban and community forestry programs : an introductory guide : urban and community forestry - improving our quality of life Atlanta, Ga. : USDA Forest Service, Southern Region, 1989
Developing and inplementing a distribution system flushing program 2002
Developing effective regional agreements
Developing information technology policy: the Internet - web sites - and e-mail 2010
Development agreements : issues and suggestions Kansas City, Mo. : The author, 1996
Development and use of performance indicators in the City of Coral Springs - Florida Washington, D.C : American Society for Public Administration, 1996
Development impact fees : shellgame - blackmail or just dues? Knoxville, Tenn. : The University of Tennessee, Municipal Technical Advisory Service, 1986
Development impact fees and local linkage programs Washington, D.C. : Municipal Reference Service, National League of Cities, 1989
Development impacts in sinkhole areas Knoxville, Tenn. : Metropolitan Planning Commission, 1995
Development of a high pressure water jet for the rapid removal of concrete Washington, D.C. : The Administration, 1983
Diary of a mad PA professor with political aspirations 2006
Digital detectives 1998
Digital disruption : jobs and social policy in the new economy 2017
Digital orthophotography : the foundation of GIS 1995
Director's report - proposed land use code text amendment - adult cabarets Seattle, Wash. : The City, 1989
Directory of airport and aviation officials in Tennessee Nashville, Tenn. : Tennessee Dept. of Transportation
Directory of archives and historical records repositories in Tennessee Nashville, Tenn. : Tennessee State Library and Archives, 2001
Disability etiquette handbook San Antonio, Tex. : Disability Access Office, Dept. of Public Works, 2011
Disaster management : ICMA infopak Washington, D.C. : ICMA, 2001
Disaster preparedness Washington, D.C. : ICMA, 2003
DiSC classic facilitator's kit Minneapolis, Minn. : Inscape Pub., 2002
Disguising misconduct as disease 1996
Display policy for Troy City Plaza Troy, NY : The City, [2004].
Disposal of found property 1994
Disposal of minor property such as lost and found items 1994
Disposal of yard waste - RFP : City of Knoxville Purchasing Department Knoxville, Tenn. : Avisco, Inc., 1993
Disposition of sanitary sewerage sludge by land injection or land spreading process : advertisement to bid Gallatin, Tenn. : The City, 1990
Dispute resolution processes : a comparative state study Alexandria, Va. : International Personnel Management Association, 1988
Distress identification manual for the long-term pavement performance project Washington, D.C. : Strategic Highway Research Program, National Research Council, 1993
Distribution - Book D-1 - System design Arlington, Va. : American Gas Association, 1990
Distribution of TVA payments to municipalities 1988
Distribution of TVA payments to municipalities - total 1987-88 payment 1987
Distribution of TVA payments to municipalities : total 1989-90 payment 1989
Distribution of TVA payments to municipalities : total 1990-91 payment 1990
Diversifying the urban forest 2010
Diversity training : structured for success 1997
Divided we fall: inequality and the future of America's cities and towns Washington, D.C. : National League of Cities, 2003
Do base closures mean taps for a community? 1991
Do business attraction plans make a difference? 2010
Do state & local tax incentives work? Washington, D.C. : Economic Policy Institute, 1996
Do we have to do public fire safety education? 1996
Do you have what cities are hunting for in a chief? 1993
Does age matter? : local governments in the post-baby boom era 2007
Does it make sense to outsource utility operations? 2013
Does the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) require the city to use "certified" signers/interpreters? December 14,1992.
Doing business with the Japanese 1989
Doing damage to vandalism : how public entities can fight back 2010
Doing it right 2002
Dollars down the drain 1986
Dollywood : task force recommendations to the city council - September 16 - 1985 Knoxville, Tenn. : Local Planning Assistance Office, Dept. of Economic and Community Development, 1985
Domestic partner benefits Tampa, Fla. : Thompson, 2007
Don't be guided by technology vendors : smart cities first need a vision and a plan Columbus, Ohio : Ohio Municipal League, 2018
Don't top trees
Downtown Knoxville parking study Knoxville, Tenn. : Knoxville/Knox County Metropolitan Planning Commission, 1990
Downtown Knoxville plan Knoxville, Tenn. : Knoxville/Knox County Metropolitan Planning Commission, 1987
Downtown organizations Washington, D.C. : The organization, 1988
Downtown redevelopment [videorecording] Denver, Colo. : IG, 2007
Downtown streetscape plan Knoxville, Tenn. : Metropolitan Planning Commission, 1988
Downtown weed busters Louisville, Ky. : Louisville Downtown Management District, 1995
Drafting an ethics handbook for your city or town Peoria, Ariz : The Author, 1999
Drafting and defending an adult business ordinance : regulating SOBs (sexually oriented businesses) Overland Park, Kan. : Stinson, Mag & Fizzell, 1995
DRC manual Germantown, Tenn. : The City, 1997
Drinking water security [videorecording] : presented by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Bureau of Drinking Water and Groundwater Madison, Wis. : The Bureau, 2005
Drive : the surprising truth about what motivates us New York, N.Y. : Riverhead Books, 2012
Driving a prosperous future : economic analysis of the lasting impact of Ontario universities 2017
Driving a skilled work force in Tennessee 2008
Driving savings 2012
Drone gives Cumberland EMC a cost-effective eye in the sky Chattanooga, Tenn. : Tennessee Valley Public Power Association, 2015
Drone technology : moving forward while regulatory frame remains uncertain Trenton, NJ : New Jersey State League of Municipalities, 2017
Drones : a growing hazard in the absence of tighter regulations Sacramento, Calif. : League of California Cities, 2015
Drones and public sector liability Alexandria, Va. : Public Risk Management Association, 2015
Drones as a tool for bridge inspection Kansas City, MO : American Public Works Association, 2016
Drought management plan Nashville, Tenn. : TDEC, 2010
Drought-proofing water pump stations for critical infrastructure Denver, Colo. : AWWA, 2017
Drug & alcohol abuse prevention and the ADA : an employer's guide Washington, D.C. : Institute for a Drug-Free Workplace, 1992
Drug and alcohol testing for local government transportation employees : the public employer's guide Washington, D.C. : International City/County Management Association; Shaw, Pittman, Potts & Trowbridge, 1994
Drug night courts : how feasible are they? : assessing Cook County's example Washington, D.C. : U.S. Dept. of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Assistance, 1993
Drug night courts : the Cook County experience Washington, D.C. : The Bureau, 1994
Drug-free workplace 1996
Dual role : SMEs as trainers in the classroom Alexandria, Va. : ATD, 2016
Due-process requirements in suspension without pay 1997