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NATURAL GAS--CONTRACTS Gas speculative development agreement Harriman, Tenn. : HUB, 1998
NATURAL GAS--FRANCHISES Metropolitan government gas franchise agreement Nashville, Tenn. : Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, 1974
NATURAL GAS--LINES AND PIPES Out of sight - out of mind : what every local government should know about pipeline safety Fredericksburg, Va. : [S.n.], 1996
NEGOTIATION IN BUSINESS Investigative negotiation 2007
NOISE CONTROL Turning down the volume : effective strategies for community noise enforcement 1996
NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS The challenge of strengthening nonprofits and civil society 2008
NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS Delivering on the promise of nonprofits 2008
NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS Ability of county to use property tax revenues to contribute to non-profit organizations Nashville, Tenn. : Tennessee Office of the Attorney General, 1988
NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS Accountability in local government-nonprofit relationships Washington, D.C. : ICMA, 2003
NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS Regulating clothing donation bins 2008
NOTARY PUBLIC Notary public handbook Nashville, Tenn. : County Technical Assistance Service, University of Tennessee, 2016
NUISANCES Norfolk takes a relentless approach in mission to rid city of nuisances 2006
NUISANCES City of Arvada - Colorado graffiti removal program Arvada, Colo. : The City, 1995
NUISANCES The handwriting's on the wall : the graffiti war 1997
NUISANCES Doing damage to vandalism : how public entities can fight back 2010
NUISANCES Alexandria graffiti removal program proving successful 2007
NUISANCES--ABATEMENT Nuisance abatement Washington, DC : Management Information Service, c1996
NUISANCES--ABATEMENT Nuisance regulation for Washington cities and counties Seattle, Wash. : The Center, 2000