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GANGS The Evolution of street gangs : a shift toward organized crime 1996
GANGS New weapons in the fight against gangs 2009
GAS DISTRIBUTION Distribution - Book D-1 - System design Arlington, Va. : American Gas Association, 1990
GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS GIS solutions for community development Redlands, Calif. : ESRI, 2002
GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS Thinking about GIS : geographic information system planning for managers Redlands, Calif. : ESRI Press, [2005],2003
GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS The GIS guide for local government officials Washington, D.C. : ICMA, 2005
GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS Facility management departments can implement GIS asset management technology to address the ongoing budget squeeze 2018
GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS Digital orthophotography : the foundation of GIS 1995
GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS Modeling our world : the ESRI guide to geodatabase design Redlands, Cailf. : ESRI Press, 1999
GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS Computer-mapping the infrastructure 1987
GOVERNMENTAL INVESTIGATIONS Internal investigations of public entities Portland, Ore. : IMLA, 2006
GOVERNMENTAL TORT LIABILITY Public duty doctrine : annual report of the litigation and risk management section Washington, D.C. : International Municipal Lawyers Association, 1999
GOVERNMENTAL TORT LIABILITY Governmental tort litigation and the balance of power 1985
GOVERNMENTAL TORT LIABILITY Tort liability and mutual aid San Antonio, Tex. : IMLA, 2004
GOVERNMENTAL TORT LIABILITY Municipal liability for building inspections Toronto : City of Toronto Legal Department, 1999
GOVERNMENTAL TORT LIABILITY Constitutionality of Private Act authorizing The City of Carthage - on majority vote of its council - to make payment for property damage to private homeowner due to city sewer overflow in case of extraordinary rainfall Nashville, Tenn. : Tennessee Office of the Attorney General, 1991
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Juneau - Douglas - Greater Juneau borough consolidate in Alaska N.Y. : State University of New York, Graduate School of Public Affairs, 1970
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION City-county consolidation and the rebuilding of image: the fiscal lessons from Indianapolis's UniGov program 2000
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION City-county consolidation in Georgia 1973
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION City-county consolidation reading list Knoxville, Tenn. : University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Municipal Technical Advisory Service, 2005
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION City-county consolidation : a guide for Virginians Charlottesville, Va. : Urban Research Division, Institute of Government, University of Virginia, 1971
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION City consolidation suggested outline of study Seattle, Wash. : University of Washington. Bureau of Governmental Research and Services, 1961
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Knoxville-Knox County consolidation and public welfare - public health - public recreation - public housing Knoxville, Tenn. : University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Bureau of Public Administration, 1959
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Las Vegas--Clark County consolidation : a unique event in search of a theory Reno, Nev. : Bureau of Governmental Research, University of Nevada, 1976
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Study of city and county consolidations Washington, D.C. : Price Waterhouse & Co., 1977
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Study of consolidation of governmental functions in Sullivan County - Tennessee - 1970-71 Johnson City, Tenn. : ETSU, 1971
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Suburbs without a city : power and city-county consolidation 2005
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Designing an electoral system for a consolidated government Albany, N.Y. : Graduate School of Public Affairs, SUNY at Albany, 1969
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Metropolitan governmental adaptation and the lessons of reform
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION A transactions costs model of metropolitan governance : allocation versus redistribution in urban America 2005
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Lessons from 35 years of city-county consolidation attempts Washington, D.C. : ICMA, 2006
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Impact of city-county consolidation of the rural-urban fringe : Nashville--Davidson County - Tennessee Washington, D.C. : United States. Dept. of Agriculture. Economic Research Service, 1971
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION The impact local government consolidation has on community goals : experiences in other regions Syracuse, N.Y. : Onondaga Citizens League, 2005
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Quandaries of pragmatic reform : a reassessment of the Jacksonville experience 2000
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Multijurisdictional reorganization : city-county consolidations and federated governments
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Municipal consolidation : an analysis of the financial benefits for fiscally distressed small municipalities Newbury Park, Calif. : Sage Publications, 1992
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Unigov : what it is - what it isn't Indianapolis, Ind. : Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce, 1972
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Regionalism and city-county consolidation in small metro areas 2000
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Fiscal implications of city-city consolidations Thousand Oaks, Calif. : SAGE, 2014
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Consolidation of city and county governments - where a portion of the principal city lies outside of the county Nashville, Tenn. : Tennessee Office of the Attorney General, 1988
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Consolidation of county and city functions and other devices for simplifying Tennessee local government 1955
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Carson City : the "consolidated municipality - " a unique institution Carson City, Nev. : The City, 1969
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Consolidation : Columbus/Moscogee County Governments - Columbus - Georgia Columbus, Ga. : The City, 1971
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Consolidation : Jacksonville - Duval County : the dynamics of urban political reform Jacksonville, Fla. : Crawford Pub. Co., 1968
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Consolidation : partial or total : an edited transcript of the National Conference Washington, D.C. : National Association of Counties, 1973
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION The proposed consolidation of Charlotte and Mecklenburg county 1971
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Consolidation : partial or total : preface Washington, D.C. : National Association of Counties, 1973
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Sparta/White County consolidation study of projected revenue base Knoxville, Tenn. : MTAS, 1986
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Charlotte--Mecklenburg consolidation defeated : the issues - the principals - the results 1971
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Is consolidation the answer? 1980
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION County--city consolidation Lincoln, Neb. : University of Nebraska. Governmental Research Institute, 1972
GREENWAYS Knox County Greenways plan Knoxville, Tenn. : Knoxville/Knox County Metropolitan Planning Commission, 1994
GREENWAYS Knox/Blount Greenway phase 1 kicks off 2014
GREENWAYS Park - recreation - open space and greenway guidelines Arlington, Va. : National Recreation and Park Association, 1996
GREENWAYS Greenways for the Southeast Tennessee River Valley : a regional vision for greenways in and around Chattanooga - Tennessee Tennessee : National Park Service, 1995
GREENWAYS Trails and greenways Washington, D.C. : ICMA, 2000
GREENWAYS Growth spurs greenway projects Kingsport, TN, 2018
GREENWAYS The Knoxville greenways & community trails commission : report to Mayor Victor Ashe and Knoxville City Council Knoxville, Tenn. : Metropolitan Planning Commission, 1992
GREENWAYS Reedy Creek greenway plan - Kingsport - Tennessee Kingsport, Tenn. : The City, 1988
GROWTH MANAGEMENT Countywide growth planning - annexation - and boundary adjustments under Tennessee law Knoxville, Tenn. : Municipal Technical Advisory Service, 2001
GROWTH MANAGEMENT Joint economic and community development boards Knoxville, Tenn. : Institute of Public Service, The University of Tennessee, 2000
GROWTH MANAGEMENT Public Chapter 1101 progress report Nashville, Tenn. : The Office, 1999
GROWTH MANAGEMENT This is smart growth Washington, D.C. : ICMA, 2006
GROWTH MANAGEMENT Growth concentration in Tennessee regions Nashville, Tenn. : The Commission, 2008
GROWTH MANAGEMENT Growth plans and infrastructure needs in Tennessee : a nine-county analysis : a report for the Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations Nashville, Tenn. : TACIR, 2006
GROWTH MANAGEMENT Growth policy plan : recommendations of the Growth Policy Coordinating Committee to the Knoxville City Council - Farragut Board of Aldermen - and Knox County Board of Commissioners Knoxville, Tenn. : The Committee, 2000
GROWTH MANAGEMENT Growth policy update Nashville, Tenn. : Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, 2000
GROWTH MANAGEMENT Quality growth toolbox [electronic resource] Nashville, Tenn. : Cumberland Region Tomorrow, 2006
GROWTH MANAGEMENT Implementation of Tennessee's Growth Policy Act in CY 2000 : a year of progress Nashville, Tenn. : The Commission, 2001
GROWTH MANAGEMENT Implementation of Tennessee's Growth Policy Act : a staff information report on the history of Public Chapter 1101 and the early stages of its implementation Nashville, Tenn. : The Commission, 1999
GROWTH MANAGEMENT Tennessee's growth policy in 2001 : promises and progress Nashville, Tenn. : The Commission, 2002
GROWTH MANAGEMENT Plain talk on quality growth [videorecording] : an East Tennessee conference Knoxville, Tenn. : East Tennessee Quality Growth, 2007
GROWTH MANAGEMENT Smart communities : rethinking infrastructure Washington, D.C. : International City Management Association, 2017
GROWTH MANAGEMENT Smart growth for local governments Washington, D.C. : ICMA, 1999
GROWTH MANAGEMENT Smart growth for Tennessee towns and counties : a process guide Knoxville, Tenn. : Waste Management Research and Education Institute, Energy, Environment and Resources Center, The University of Tennessee, 1999
GROWTH MANAGEMENT Smart growth : why local governments are taking a new approach to managing growth in their communities 1998
GROWTH MANAGEMENT Planning for rural areas in Tennessee under PC 1101 : white Paper prepared for the Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations Knoxville, Tenn. : University of Tennessee Energy, Environment and Resources Center, 2001
GROWTH MANAGEMENT Hot topic discussion PC 1101 Nashville, Tenn. : TACIR, 2005