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Working Papers for Cleveland Recreation Services

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Reviewed Date: May 30, 2017

Original Author: 
Nevad, Warren
Date of Material: 
Mar 1, 2000

Parks and recreation
Municipal government--Services
Auditing--Services and operations
Parks and recreation--Facilities

Working Papers for Cleveland Recreation Services

MTAS was asked to conduct a study of the city of Cleveland's leisure services in order to analyze, evaluate and recommend improved and well-coordinated service deliveries, programs and facilities to the citizens of Cleveland.

Knowledgebase-Working Papers for Cleveland Recreation Services

Working Papers for Cleveland Recreation Services

Purpose: To conduct a study of the city of Cleveland’s leisure services in order to analyze, evaluate and recommend improved and well coordinated service deliveries, programs and facilities to the citizens of Cleveland

Timetable: Project will commence in late March. A written draft shall be completed in June 2000.

Consultants: Mike Tallent, Assistant Director, Warren Nevad, Management Consultant and possible Richard Stokes, Personnel Consultant who will oversee personnel related issues.

Interviewees: City Manager, Recreation Director, Park Advisory Board Member and appropriate members of staff.

A) Items from City of Cleveland:

The University of Tennessee Municipal Technical Advisory Service will request the following documentation:

1) 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000 recreation budgets (actual to budget if you have it)

2) Same years for total amount of Cleveland’s budget

3) Same years for total amount budgeted for capital improvements

4) Same years for Golf Course Operations of Income and Expenditures

5) Same years -Listing of worker’s compensation and liability claims arisen from parks and recreation services

6) Organizational Chart for City and Recreation and job descriptions

7) List of recreation facilities and programs and other various providers

8) A comprehensive recreation plan and marketing plan

9) Copies of ordinances pertaining to Parks and Recreation ( MTAS should have)

10) A listing of user fees and

11) Summary of recreation agreements and recent initiatives

B) Inspection of Facilities such as playgrounds, parks and other athletic facilities

MTAS will coordinate with staff to conduct onsite field visits

C) Interview questions for interviewees: Some questions are for board members only.

The following questions comprised our structured interview format:

1) Administration

1) Describe the day to day command of the department?

2) What suggestions do you have for improvement?

3) What services are privatized? Are you satisfied with this arrangement?

4) Please describe the board composition? How frequently do they meet? Any suggestions?

5) Do you have a standard operating procedures document?

6) How would you measure citizenry satisfaction with Cleveland’s recreation program?

7) Do you have a loss prevention program?

2) Finance and Budget

1) What percent of revenues are generated from fees?

2) Do you charge an outside rate and/or a seasonal rate?

3) Do you keep a fixed asset inventory of recreational equipment?

4) Do you have outstanding bond issues relating to debt?

5) What are your purchasing procedures

6) Does the City utilize impact fees or other special taxes to enhance Parks and Recreation?

7) Does the golf course earn income for the city?

3) Personnel

1) Describe your training program. What type of programs is offered? Do you work with Cleveland State on training programs? How much money is budgeted for Training?

2) Do you have a comprehensive safety training and awareness program for employees and citizens?

3) Has TML risk management program inspected your facilities recently?

4) Are volunteers playing an active role in your services?

5) Are you understaffed or overstaffed? Do you recommend increasing positions or consolidating positions?

5) Describe your selection procedures

6) Do you have a pay classification plan?

7) How is the working relationship between the recreation department and other municipal departments?

4) Programming

1) Describe the relationship with the county and state relating to recreation? Any recent grants?

2) Do you survey the population to develop programming?

3) Are programs offered for the elderly, disabled, and other special populations?

4) Does the department have staffing and expertise for special populations?

5) Please describe the following programs:
a) special events
b) sports, games and athletics
c) clubs
d) cultural
e) after school programs
f) senior citizens
g) wellness & fitness
h) camps
i) aquatics
j) golf
k) community services
l) special populations

6) From a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being exceptional please grade the following chart:

Program Family Youth Adult Seniors

1. Cultural
2. Sports
3. Aquatics
4. Therapeutic
5. Social
6. Outdoor
7. Hobbies

6) Facilities and Maintenance

1) Do facilities conform to ADA standards?

2) Is there a replacement schedule?

3) What is on your wish list?

4) Are routine safety inspections conducted and documented?

5) Do you have a systematic maintenance program?

6) Do you ever lease any recreational equipment?

7) Do you have a work order tracking system?

6) Planning

1) Are surveys conducted?

2) How do you market your services?

3) How is recreation considered when dealing with annexation?

4) Which cities do you benchmark your recreational services?

5) Do you try to adhere to national standards relating to the number of playgrounds, fields, tennis courts, etc?


This portion will be used for all interviews:

Please conduct a SWOT analysis relating to recreation. To accomplish this task, we would like you to mention the Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats to the city of Cleveland’s recreation program






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