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Which Cities Require Motorists to Buy a City Sticker?

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Reviewed Date: February 28, 2020

Original Author: 
McMillen, Dawn
Date of Material: 
Feb 24, 2017

Taxes--Motor vehicles
Revenue sources--Fees and charges
Motor vehicles

Which Cities Require Motorists to Buy a City Sticker?

Twenty cities responded to an MTAS survey about vehicle stickers and the associated fees.
Which Cities Require Motorists to Buy a "City Sticker"?  

MTAS Research and Information Center | February 2017  
Bartlett 58,579 Y $25
Brentwood 41,763 N  
Chattanooga 175,588 Y $5
Clarksville 149,176 N  
Cleveland 43,898 N  
Collierville 48,863 Y $27
Columbia 36,800 N  
Franklin 72,639 N  
Germantown 39,240 Y $25
Hendersonville 56,018 N  
Humboldt 8,452 Y $30
Jackson 66,975 Y $25
Johnson City 66,027 N  
Kingsport 53,014 N  
Knoxville 185,291 N  
LaVergne 34,794 N  
Memphis 653,450 Y $30
Murfreesboro 126,118 N  
Nashville 654,610 N  
Smyrna 46,607 N  
Spring Hill 36,055 N  


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