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Uniforms, Safety, and Public Image

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Reviewed Date: October 27, 2016

Original Author: 
Clifton, Calvin D.
Date of Material: 
Oct 14, 1999

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Uniforms, Safety, and Public Image

The City of Athens may provide and require certain uniforms, footwear, and equipment designed to promote safety and to protect employees as well as convey the proper image to the public.

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FROM: Calvin D. Clifton. Public Works Director

Date: October 14, 1999

It is the desire of the City of Athens to provide a safe environment in which employees work. Therefore, the City may provide and require certain uniforms, footwear, and equipment designed to promote safety and to protect employees as well as convey the proper image to the public.

This policy addresses the requirement for all employees that are provided uniforms to wear them at all times when performing the duties of their jobs.

1. All employees of the Public Works Department that are provided uniforms are to wear them at all times when performing their job duties.

2. Safety Shoes -- Safety shoes (commonly called steel-toed boots) are to be worn at all times by all employees that are subject to foot/toe injuries. The City may provide safety shoes or a shoe allowance to Public Works employees for the purchase of quality, waterproof, safety shoes that meet A.N.S.I./O.S.H.A. standards. The supervisor, Public Works Director, and/or the City Manager must approve any exception to this rule.

3. Uniforms are the property of the City and are provided as an employee benefit. They will be provided to the employee upon completion of the probationary period.

4. In order to control the number and condition of these uniforms, employees will be required to return older uniforms when provided with new uniforms.

5. All uniforms are to be returned to the City if an employee is separated from employment for any reason. Failure to return city uniforms will result in withholding and/or a reduction in final compensation.

6. Employees are not allowed to wear city uniforms on personal time away from the job. Remember, anytime you are wearing a city uniform, you are representing the City of Athens.

7. Other than the standard uniform, only T-shirts and/or golf type shirts if provided by the department are acceptable.

8. Uniforms, T-shirts and golf shirts must be clean and in good condition. Torn or sleeveless T-shirts are not permitted.

9. Cover-all’s, over-all’s, rain gear, and heavy coats are always permitted and encouraged during bad weather. They are to be worn over uniforms.

10. Shorts will only be permitted when approved by the Public Works Director and City Manager on an individual basis. Such approval will be based on the type of work assignment and safety issues.

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