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Truck Driver Operator

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Reviewed Date: April 15, 2021

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Sep 27, 2002

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Truck Driver Operator

Job description for the position of Truck Driver Operator in the Solid Waste Department.

JOB DESCRIPTION: Solid Waste Driver
REPORTS TO: Solid Waste Supervisor


Under general supervision, is responsible for operating refuse compaction trucks in pick-up and hauling of refuse; and performs related work as required.


Work environment may be somewhat disagreeable due to exposure to several disagreeable elements or to one very disagreeable element; work environment demands minimal confinement with little protective equipment required; generally, physical and working conditions are such that minor cuts, abrasions, bruises, or burns may be encountered, despite provision of safety measures and health precautions (generally no lost time results).

The employee will operate a variety of heavy and light equipment such as bulldozer, backhoe, sanitation truck, and other necessary equipment.

Primarily drives and operates refuse compactor in pick-up and hauling of refuse; may give work guidance to others helping load truck; may occasionally help load refuse into truck.


Drives and operates refuse compactor in pick-up and hauling of refuse; may give work guidance to others helping load truck; may occasionally help load refuse into truck.

At the end of the day, performs mechanical check on truck and performs minor maintenance as required.

Makes simple notations and reports; performs any functions as assigned by management throughout City as needed.

Ability to pass reasonable fitness and physical standards to safely perform work, if required, as determined by the city physician; vision and hearing, normal or corrected sufficient to read, write, and safely operate tools and equipment used in work; dexterity and fitness sufficient to safely operate, utilize and maintain tools and equipment used in work; ability to lift and carry up to 75 pounds, though greater weights may, at times be lifted, carried and/or placed; dexterity and fitness to grasp, crawl, crouch, bend, stoop, climb, stretch, walk, and otherwise perform physical functions of the assignment.


May operate equipment requiring the same or lesser level of skill; may be required to work outside job description on an as needed basis.


Considerable knowledge of practices and precautions to be observed in operating equipment used; some knowledge of minor maintenance practices to be performed on equipment used.

Skill in the safe operation of equipment used.

Ability to safely operate a large refuse collection truck on assigned route.

Knowledge of practices used in the safe operation of heavy and light equipment;
Knowledge of State and City traffic regulations;
Knowledge of the materials and types of equipment used in general city maintenance work, water distribution system, wastewater system, and/or gas system;
Knowledge of occupational hazards and safety precautions;
Ability to operate a variety of heavy and light equipment;
Ability to understand and follow instructions; and
Ability to establish and maintain an effective working relationship with other employees and the general public.
Ability to move 50 – 70 pounds;
Ability to grasp, crouch, stoop, bend, climb, stretch, and walk in order to perform the job;


Must have a High School Diploma or GED;
Must have valid TN Driver License and TN CDL license;
Must pass a physical examination and drug test as well be covered under DOT regulations which requires pre- employment and random drug and alcohol testing
Some experience in heavy manual labor;
Must have a good work and attendance record.

I acknowledge that I have read the foregoing and understand its content.

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