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Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS)

Original Author: Darden, Ron
Date of Material: 09/15/2006

Parks and recreation--Boards

Town of Petersburg Recreation Commission By-Laws

Reviewed Date: 07/12/2021
MTAS was asked to assist with creating bylaws for the recreation commission.



A. By municipal ordinance, the Town of Petersburg created the Recreation Commission for the purpose of coordinating programs for the youth, adult and senior citizens.
B. The purpose of the Commission shall be to provide recreational programs. The Commission shall plan, coordinate and develop programs to meet the recreational needs within the Town Of Petersburg. Said Commission will plan, supervise and co-ordinate a town recreational and athletic program or programs, and the use of town facilities therefore; to appoint a Recreation Director, with such assistants as may be necessary, to accept gifts and acquire land in the name of the Town Of Petersburg for said purposes.


A. There shall be a Commission for Recreation in the Town Of Petersburg consisting of seven (7) members that shall be called the Petersburg Recreation Commission. The seven (7) members shall be selected by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen on an at-large basis. The members so appointed shall be persons interested and committed to provide quality recreation programs for the youth, adult and senior citizens.
B. The initial appointments to this Commission shall be as follows: Four (4) members shall be appointed for terms of four (4) years, and three (3) members shall be appointed for terms of three (3) years. The Board of Mayor and Aldermen may remove any member for cause and may fill any vacancy. Unexcused absences from three (3) regularly scheduled Commission meetings during the calendar year shall constitute a resignation from the Commission. The chairperson shall provide written notification to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen and the Commission member. Any vacancy occurring in the membership of the Commission shall be filled by an appointment of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen for the unexpired portion of the vacant term. Except for members who are selected at large, such appointees should represent the same discipline, if possible, as that of the resigning members. Members of the Commission shall serve without compensation.


A. Eight (8) regular scheduled public meetings shall be held convening the last Monday of the month; or as otherwise specified. Special meetings shall be held as needed.
B. The agenda for each meeting shall be available and filed with the Town Clerk not less than twenty-four (24) hours before such meeting.
C. A special meeting may be called at any time by the Chairperson and notice of such meeting shall be filed with the Town Clerk not less than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the meeting. The notice will specify the time, place and business to be transacted. No other business shall be considered at such special meeting.
D. At all Commission meetings the presence of four (4) voting members shall constitute a quorum, provided one of the officers is included therein.
E. All Commission meetings shall be open to the public. Any Commission meeting may be closed to the public (executive session) for certain portions of the meeting by a vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the Commission members present and voting to hear matters exempted from the disclosure requirements for public records.


A. Officers shall consist of a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, and Secretary to be elected annually from and by the Commission members at the first regularly scheduled meeting of the calendar year. In the event of a vacancy in any office, a successor shall be elected at the next regular meeting.
B. The Chairperson shall reside at all meetings of the Commission. In the Chairperson’s absence, the Vice Chairperson shall be the presiding officer. The chairperson or Vice Chairperson shall appoint a third party to hold meetings in the event of their absence. All meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order.
C. The Secretary shall keep and maintain a record of the proceedings of the meeting and shall file the minutes of each meeting with the Town Clerk within seven (7) days of said meeting. The votes of each Commission member upon any issue must be put down in writing and made available to the public within forty-eight (48) hours of said meeting.
D. Sub-committees shall be appointed by the Chairperson as are deemed necessary to fulfill the obligations and responsibilities of the Commission.
E. The Commission, with the consent of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen shall appoint a city recreation director.


The Recreation Commission shall have all the powers and duties which are prescribed in the Petersburg Municipal Code. The responsibilities of the Commission, as long as they do not conflict with provisions of the municipal code or state general laws, shall be as follows:

A. The Recreation Director shall be the Town’s agent for reviewing planning and coordinating recreational programs for the youth, adult and senior citizens within the Town Of Petersburg.
B. The Recreation Director, under the guidance of the City Recorder, shall review applications, where appropriate, for federal, state local and private funds for programs for the youth, adult and senior citizens and shall be responsible for securing and disbursing such funds. The Commission shall assist in interpreting and developing policies and guidelines for such services and programs.
C. The Recreation Director shall present a budget to the Commission for their review prior to submission to the City Recorder, and actively support its adoption.
D. The Recreation Director shall maintain liaison between other Town Commissions and Boards as best furthers the interest of the Recreation Commission. The primary liaison will be maintained by the ex-officio members of the Commission. Ex-officio members include the Recreation Director, City Recorder, and the Mayor.


All moneys shall be received and disbursed by the city recorder under the city’s budgetary and accounting system. The city recorder shall develop a cash accounting system for receipts on a daily basis. All purchases of the commission shall be in accordance with the city’s purchasing policies and regulations. Liability insurance shall be provided by the city.

Dawn, if the town does not want to use the above then, I recommend that the Commission be chartered as a 501 (3)(c) public non-profit corporation and provide the city with insurance coverage in an amount specified by the city, and a copy of the annual audit as required by state regulations. We would need to modify the appointing procedure for commissioners. Note: Any grants or loans from the state would have to be received and disbursed through the city’s accounting system.


A. The by-laws may be amended at any meeting of the Commission by a majority vote of the members present, provided previous notice of such amendment is mailed at least one (1) week in advance to all members, or at a special meeting called for that particular purpose.

Approved this_______day of__________, 2006

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Chairman Secretary

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