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Original Author: Purcell, Melanie
Co-author: Shults, Chris
Sumner, Seth
Date of Material: 07/19/2010

Performance measurement
Municipal government--Services
Municipal government--Administration
Athens (Tenn)
Bartlett (Tenn)
Brentwood (Tenn)
Chattanooga (Tenn)
Clarksville (Tenn)
Cleveland (Tenn)
Collierville (Tenn)
Franklin (Tenn)
Jackson (Tenn)
Kingsport (Tenn)

Tennessee Municipal Benchmarking Project FY2009

Reviewed Date: 06/07/2017
FY2009 annual report to compare the relative cost, efficiency and effectiveness of a set of municipal services by using a collaborative approach with the participating cities, and to set standards and identify "best practices" in municipal government for use and comparison by all Tennessee cities. Per capita average costs of providing police, fire and residential refuse services are presented.

Main Document(s):
file 2009 Report FINAL08.02.10.pdf