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Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS)

Original Author: Mahler, Margaret Z.
Co-author: Petersen, Jodi
National Cooperative Highway Research Program
Date of Material: 03/20/2019

Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990
Streets--Curbs and gutters
Streets--Laws and regulations
Streets--Planning and engineering
Streets--Roadside improvements

Tennessee Department of Transportation ADA Compliance Toolkit

Reviewed Date: 04/15/2021
A toolkit of materials for municipalities to complete a ADA transition plan created by the Tennessee Department of Transportation Chief Engineer's Office.The toolkit includes: Presentation titled "ADA Compliance for Municipalities" (TDOT); Presentation titled "How to Develop an ADA Self-evaluation & Transition Plan" (FHWA); Document titled "ADA Transition Plans: A Guide to Best Management Practices (NCHRP Project # 20-7 (232); and the following selection of forms: action plan, checklist, grievance procedure, public notice, transition plan and more.

Main Document(s):
file A. TDOT_ADA Complaince for Muncipalities.pdf
file B. FHWA_How to develop and self-evalution and transition plan.pdf
file C. NCHRP_ ADA Transition Plan.pdf
file 1_DepartmentsAndPrograms.docx
file 2_GeneralNondiscrimination.docx
file 3_EffectiveCommunication.docx
file 4_WebsiteAccessibility.docx
file 5_AdministrativeRequirements.docx
file 6_ADA Checklist of Existing Facilities.doc
file 6_REC_a_amusement-fillable.doc
file 6_REC_b_fishing-fillable.doc
file 6_REC_c_golf-fillable.doc
file 6_REC_d_minigolf-fillable.doc
file 6_REC_e_play-fillable.doc
file 6_REC_f_boating-fillable.doc
file 6_REC_g_pool-fillable.doc
file 6_REC_h_misc-fillable.doc
file 7_ProgramAccess.docx
file 8_TransitionPlan.docx
file 9_ActionPlan.docx
file Sample_ActionPlan.docx
file Sample_GrievanceProcedures.docx
file Sample_PublicNotice.docx
file Sample_TransitionPlan.docx