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Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS)

Original Author: MTAS
Date of Material: 09/27/2002

Public works--Personnel

Superintendent of Streets, Sanitation, and Parks

Reviewed Date: 05/26/2021
Job description for the position of Superintendent of Streets, Sanitation, and Parks.



This employee is responsible for directing the streets, sanitation and parks departments. This employee exercises considerable independence and initiative in fulfilling these responsibilities. The employee receives general instructions for work to be performed, and must use his or her own judgement much of the time. The employee must occasionally refine existing work methods and develop new techniques, concepts or programs for accomplishing work, within established limits or policies. Work is supervised and evaluated by the Mayor and the Commissioners of Streets and Parks.


The employee will operate a variety of heavy and light equipment such as a bulldozer, backhoe, heavy trucks, etc.
The employee will also use a variety of hand tools, small machinery, and office equipment such as a calculator, typewriter, and computer.
The employee routinely works both indoors and outdoors and may be exposed to extreme conditions of weather, machinery with moving parts, excessive noise, fumes, and chemicals or toxic substances.


Plans, schedules, designs, organizes, directs and provides overall supervision of the personnel, programs and activities of the parks, streets and sanitation departments.
Directs and participates in the preparation of annual departmental budgets, and in the control and expenditure of appropriations.
Assists in writing specifications, estimates the cost of projects, and reviews bids and contracts.
Operates a variety of heavy and light equipment, as well as hand tools and small machinery.
Responsible for keeping and completing a variety of records and reports.
Makes recommendations concerning the hiring, discipline, and promotion of employees.
Directs and performs inspections of contract work; determines compliance and recommends acceptance of work by the city.


Establishes procedures and work methods to economically and efficiently utilize personnel and equipment; and provides for the instruction and training of personnel.
Maintains satisfactory public relations through courteous and prompt attention to complaints.
Assigns employees to specific duties on a project.
Determines the materials, equipment and supplies to be used on a project.
Recommends the purchase of equipment and supplies.
Transfers personnel and equipment from one project or position to another as necessary.
Performs other duties as required.


Knowledge of the operation and maintenance of heavy and light equipment, as well as a variety of small machinery and hand tools.
Knowledge of the materials and equipment used in the maintenance and construction of streets, parks, and solid waste systems.
Knowledge of the principles and practices of construction and maintenance of streets, parks, solid waste collection and disposal and other public facilities.
Knowledge of local, state, and federal laws and regulations pertaining to the operations of solid waste systems, and streets and parks operations.
Knowledge of modern supervisory practices and procedures.
Ability to maintain a high level of discipline and morale.
Knowledge of the occupational hazards of work and the necessary safety precautions which may be needed.
Ability to plan, organize, assign, supervise and inspect the work of subordinates.
Ability to keep accurate records and make reports.
Ability to establish and maintain an effective working relationship with the public and other employees.
Contact with the general public is frequent.


Graduation from a standard high school.
Must posses a valid Tennessee driver's license.
Must have at least three years experience in the area of public works supervision, preferably with experience in the operations and maintenance of solid waste systems and parks and street construction/maintenance.
Experience in the operation of heavy and light equipment.