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Original Author: Darden, Ron
Date of Material: 04/22/2010

Meetings--Planning and management
City council--Procedure

Study Session Agenda

Reviewed Date: 06/09/2021
A sample study session agenda for the City of Rocky Top, Tennessee.

City of Rocky Top, Tennessee
Study Session Agenda
April 22, 2010

An informal meeting with the board and staff to review requests, proposals, issues, policies, procedures prior to placing an item on the agenda. It is intended to be more than a meeting to review what is to be on the next agenda. It is a thorough discussion of the issues. Some boards do not permit items on the agenda, unless an emergency item, unless it has first been to study session. You must decide who has access to the board via the study session. Are staff members allowed to place items on the study session agenda?

Chaired by the mayor (Examples of Agenda Items)
  • Recreation director’s request for equipment that is not budgeted-recreation director.
  • Proposal to purchase three police vehicles-chief of police.
  • Proposal to increase the travel allowance for city business purpose travel-recorder.
  • Request from the school board for financial assistance-mayor.
  • Rezoning request-planning director.
  • The adoption of a strategic plan-mayor.
  • Recorder’s quarterly finance report-city recorder.
  • Request to advertise for bids for a new fire station-fire chief.
  • An ordinance approving the municipal budget and setting the property tax rate-finance director.
  • A resolution establishing board rules and procedures-mayor.
  • A resolution amending the personnel policies-personnel director.
  • A motion to employ an engineer to design a new wastewater facility-mayor.
  • An ordinance annexing parcels into the city-mayor.
  • A proposal to construct additional recreation facilities-alderman.
  • Note: citizen participation by request only.

    MTAS Recommendations

    1. Limit the meetings to 1.5 hours.
    2. Discuss and ask questions, but do not deliberate toward a decision. It is OK to let it be known that you favor a proposal, but that is far as you should go
    3. Any member of the board may request that an item be included on the next board agenda for consideration.
    4. Some cities permit the city manager, mayor or department head to advance an item to the board agenda. Do you want the city manager and department heads to have access to the board for a decision?

file City of Rocky Top - Study Session Agenda.pdf