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Speed Limits in and Around Schools

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Reviewed Date: May 11, 2020

Original Author: 
Shechter, Leslie
Date of Material: 
Mar 3, 1994

Traffic--Laws and regulations

Speed Limits in and Around Schools

MTAS was asked about speed limits in and around schools located within the City.

March 3, 1994

This is in response to your fax of a letter received from the County School Superintendent regarding speed limits in and around schools located within the City.

The law does allow the city to establish speed limits "upon any highway or public road...within their jurisdiction," including in and around schools except:

...at school entrances and exits to and from controlled access highways on the system of state highways, which is adjacent to school grounds that are devoted primarily to normal school day activity." Tennessee Code Annotated,

You have told me that both the Elementary and High Schools are located along a controlled access highway in the state highway system. The City has no authority to set up speed limit signs or flashing lights at these school entrances and exits. The County School Superintendent should contact the State Department of Transportation right away to rectify this potentially dangerous safety problem.

Thanks for asking MTAS to help.


Leslie Shechter
Legal Consultant

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