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Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS)

Original Author: Brownsville
Date of Material: 09/14/2001

Solid waste

Specifications for a Trailer-Mounted Leaf Loader

Reviewed Date: 04/15/2021
Specifications for a Trailer-Mounted Leaf Loader

Brownsville, Tennessee

March 1994


It shall be the sole responsibility of the bidder to deliver personally or mail his
sealed proposal to the office of the City Recorder at the City Hall, Brownsville, Tennessee, 38012, on
or before , , 1994. The envelope must be marked:

The bidders shall submit their bids on their own stationary. Two operational
manuals and one complete shop manual shall be furnished. In addition, the bidder shall furnish manufacturer's
literature, specifications, approximate delivery date, nearest point of service and parts, and warranty. The color
shall be stated. All deviations from the specifications shall be clearly noted in detail.

It is the intention of the City of Brownsville to purchase quality products, and each
item will be evaluated in terms of initial cost, availability of service and parts, delivery date, and resale value.
These specifications, including dimensions and references to specific structural and mechanical design concepts,
are intended as guidelines only. It is recognized that each manufacturer has special features that make his
equipment unique. Therefore, although bidders' equipment need not strictly comply with these specifications,
it must substantially meet them. Prices shall be quoted F.O.B. Brownsville.

The City of Brownsville is exempt from all taxes imposed by state and federal government.
Exemption certificates, if required, are to be furnished by the successful bidders and will be filled out by the city.

The equipment shall be new and shall be delivered, ready for immediate use, completely
lubricated. Omission of any essential details from these specifications does not relieve the supplier from
furnishing such units.

All equipment shall be fully guaranteed by the bidder against factory and delivery
defects. Any defect which may occur as the result of either faulty material or workmanship within the period
of the manufacturer's standard warranty, or defects encountered during delivery, shall be corrected without
expense to the City of Brownsville.

By virtue of bidding, the bidders guarantee the prices quoted in the bid will remain
firm until delivery, including the time from when the bids are opened until a purchase order is issued, such
time not to exceed 30 days.

In the event of disagreement between the unit price and total, the unit price will be used in
tabulation to determine the successful bidder.

All equipment shall meet OSHA requirements.

The City of Brownsville reserves the right to reject any or all proposals.


These specifications describe a gasoline-powered, water cooled, trailer-mounted vacuum type
leaf loading machine that can be operated by one person. It shall be capable of picking up wet or dry,
packed or loose leaves and similar debris under all conditions and locations ordinarily encountered in a
municipal operation. It shall be capable of picking the material up, mulching it and depositing it in a hopper
mounted on a truck.

A 132 Gross HP 300 cubic inch 6 cylinder water cooled gas engine shall be supplied. It shall be equipped
with safety cut off switches for overheating, as well as, low oil pressure. Radiator shall be pressurized type.
Electrical system shall have a 42 AMP alternator - 12 volt starter. It shall be a closed type power unit less
side panels. An engine hour meter and a radiator screen shall be provided.

Includes key type ignition switch, water temperature gauge, alternator gauge, oil pressure gauge, and a
locking T type throttle.

Engine torque to be transferred through a quick acting, over center 11" clutch. The power take off shaft shall
not be less than 2-¼" in diameter and shall be supported by two 2-¼" inch tapered roller bearings.

Shall be box type (unitized design) 9 gauge steel specifically designed for the above engine.

Shall be mounted under the engine base for reasons of safety and shall have a 30 gallon capacity. It shall
be of all steel (13 gauge) construction and have two internal baffles.

To the above engine base is bolted the blower housing. Provisions shall be made so the blower housing is
bolted with the exhaust in a vertical position for trailer mounted operations. The blower housing shall be
12 inches in width. The outer wear band shall be constructed of two sections integrally welded throughout,
providing a 7/16" thick section at the wear surface. Blower housing shall have a full size rear cover plate,
secured by bolting for fast access to impeller.

Shall be 31-½" in diameter and will have four (4) blades, not less than 3/4" thick steel. It shall be of welded
construction with a back gusset plat not less than 3/16" thick steel and a hub of not less than 4" in diameter.
Impeller shall be mounted to a 2-¼" P.T.O. shaft. Suction capability shall be not less than 24,000 C.F.M.

The intake hose shall be ten (10) feet long. It shall be 18" in diameter. It shall be fabricated from neoprene
impregnated nylon and reinforced by a heat treated steel coil and outer polyethylene wear strip. Hose shall
weigh not more than 4.5 pounds per foot. The pick up end of hose shall be fitted with an 18" round intake
nozzle constructed of 16 gauge steel. Nozzle shall have a semi-circular 1" O.D. tube handle grip. This
nozzle shall be able to pivot over a ten (10) foot wide path. The hose support boom shall be spring-loaded
with its pivot position over the center of the intake hose for optimum ease in operation. Boom to be 1-¼" x 4"
tubular construction and 1/8" wall thickness and shall be not more than six (6) feet in length capable of
supporting a weight of 175 pounds.

Shall be rear mounted so that the intake hose and boom support are in the center of unit. So that the
unit can vacuum up debris from the right or left side of street.

Shall be 12" square. It shall be telescopic in design so that additional sections may be added.
A straight section and curved right angle section shall be supplied. At the end of the curved section,
there shall be a square to round. A nine (9) foot length of 12" rigid metal tube shall be supplied to enter the
truck box. Standard discharge height is 108" to center of discharge tube.

The box type engine base shall be designed to support he trailer axle. Axle to be no less than 6,000 pound
capacity, 3-¼" found steel tube type with steel hubs. Tires shall be 800 x 14.5 x 12 ply rated.
The A-frame type hitch shall be unitized design throughout with the outer frame channels formed 3' x 7-½" 9
gauge steel. The center channel is formed 5' x 7" 9 gauge steel. The A-frame tongue apron to be continuously
welded and gusseted to the engine base. Towing bar to be 4" channel ¼" thick adjustable from 24" to 34" in
height, with a 3" Lunette eye hitch. This A-frame hitch shall also have a front adjustable jack with a 5" caster
wheel. And the rear of the unit shall have a drop stand to support the unit when it is not coupled to the tow truck.

The trailer shall have leaf spring suspension, safety tow chains, and fenders.

The unit shall be equipped with Federal Safety Standard Lights and reflectors which shall include, but not
be limited to, combination stop and tail lights, safety reflectors and an amber flashing light.

The unit shall be thoroughly cleaned and given two coast of rust inhibitor primer and two coats of standard
finish paint. The axle and rims shall be painted black and the engine (power unit) shall be painted engine
manufacturer standard color.