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Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS)

Original Author: Stokes, Richard
Date of Material: 08/09/2013

Personnel--Fringe benefits

Sick Leave at Retirement Survey (Non-TCRS)

Reviewed Date: 06/02/2021
Eleven cities were asked whether their employees are allowed to accrue sick leave; the maximum amount of sick leave employees may accrue; and upon retirement, whether employees may sell their sick leave back to the city, use their sick leave towards retirement, etc.

Sick Leave at Retirement

1. Are your employees allowed to accrue sick leave?


City Yes/No Comment
Murfreesboro Yes Employees accrue the equivalent of one sick day for each month of full-time service.
Franklin Yes  
Athens Yes  
Farragut Yes  
Gallatin Yes 8 hours per month (40 hours week employees)
Bartlett Yes employees are allowed to accrue sick leave
Germantown yes  
Columbia Yes  
Knoxville Yes  
Arlington Yes 40 hour a week employee earns 8 hour per month Firefighters (24 hour employees) earn 12 hours per month .
Dyersburg Yes each employee accrues 8 hours sick leave per 30 days employment

2. What is the maximum amount of sick leave employees may accrue?


City Maximum amount of sick leave
Murfreesboro Sick leave accrues on an unlimited basis.
Franklin No limit
Athens 8 hours per month, 720 hours maximum
Farragut 720 hours
Gallatin No maximum limit
Bartlett There is no maximum amount of sick leave that an employee can accrue. Unlimited.
Germantown Max amount of sick time that can be accrued - no limit and can be carried over year to year
Columbia 260 days, 2080 hours for all employees except fire. Fire is 117 shifts or 2808 hours.
Knoxville No cap on sick leave
Arlington Not to exceed a maximum of 720 hours on the books or 90 days. Firefighters (24 hour employees) not to exceed 1080 hours or 45 (24 hour days).
Dyersburg 720 hours

3. Upon retirement, does your city allow employees to do anything with their accrued sick leave (i.e. sell it back to the city, use for retirement, etc…?


City What can employees do with accrued sick leave?
Murfreesboro Employees may be paid for unused sick leave as earnings during a period called “run out” that precedes their retirement.
Franklin The City of Franklin pays the employee their accrued sick leave up a maximum of 120 days.
Athens No
Farragut With two months’ notice, a retiring employee will be paid for ½ of the sick leave balance on their last check.
Gallatin Employees are eligible for a % of their sick leave depending upon age and/or years of service
Bartlett If the employee is eligible for a retirement benefit, all accrued sick hours are applied to their pension service credit
Germantown Upon retirement you can receive compensation for one-half of accrued sick leave at the employee's regular rate of pay
Columbia 1. Effective January 1, 2004, as an incentive not to use sick leave and a reward for attendance on the job, an employee separating from the City by means of any type of retirement under the City’s retirement plan shall have all then-accrued-and-unused sick leave, up to the maximum permitted accrual shown in the table above, credited as additional time worked (what is called “credited service” in the City’s Employees’ Retirement Plan) when calculating the employee’s retirement benefits.
2. Employees hired after July 1, 2012, and who have vested in the defined contribution plan upon separation from employment shall have 50% of accrued sick leave paid into the 401(a).
Knoxville If the employee has at least 960 hours, he/she can cash in 960 hours and receive payment for 480 hours. If the employee does not have 960 hours, he/she can convert blocks of 20 sick days to 1 month of credited service toward pension.
Arlington Sick pay is viewed as a privilege not a right so we do not pay accrued sick leave upon separation.
Dyersburg No, they lose it. One exception; employees hired before Feb. 1, 1989 are paid for their accrued sick leave. The policy once was to pay for it, the policy was changed and those here at the time were grandfathered in.

Contact Information


City Contact Phone number e-mail address
Murfreesboro Glen Godwin 615.848.2553
Franklin Shirley Harmon 615.791.3216
Athens Rita Brown 423.744.2703
Farragut Janet Curry 865.966.7057
Gallatin Amy Summers 615.451.5890
Bartlett Peter Voss 901.385.5515
Germantown Susan Hopson 901.757.7274
Columbia Connie Etzkin 931.560.1565
Knoxville Vicki Hatfield 865.215.2106
Arlington Cathy Durant 901.867.2620
Dyersburg Sue Teague 731.288.7607

Thank you for your sharing your time, knowledge, and information.

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