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Senior Administrative Secretary

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Reviewed Date: June 02, 2021

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Sep 25, 2002


Senior Administrative Secretary

Job description for the position of Senior Administrative Secretary.

JOB TITLE:Senior Administrative Secretary


Under direct supervision of City Engineer, coordinates the work of clerical and secretarial staff. Supervises and evaluates one Clerk-Typist-Receptionist. Administers Department’s construction and development contracts and finances, including collection of escrow, development, inspection and other fees, preparation of budget, purchasing and bookkeeping; assists in planning and scheduling of office functions; and does related work as required.

Assists in the management and operation of the Engineering Department. Coordinates work of secretarial staff; supervises and evaluates one Clerk-Typist-Receptionist.
Performs administrative, secretarial, budget, bookkeeping, and purchasing duties.
Prepares departmental payroll and maintains departmental personnel files.
Prepares bills to be paid and coordinates with Department heads regarding budget matters, and maintains accounting records.
Collects escrow, development, inspection and other fees.
Prepares and maintains procurement documents through the budget period.
Accepts and writes receipts for fees.
Answers questions from the public requiring knowledge of policies and procedures, in person or by telephone.
Prepares correspondence, and completes reports of activities.
Operates typewriter and other office machines such as calculator, computer, word processing and data entry, microfiche, blue line machine, binding machine, paper cutter, fax machine, Xerox and Dictaphone.
Maintains City Engineer's appointment calendar; reserves meeting rooms, makes travel arrangements and room accommodations.
Plans and schedules office functions. Substitutes on front desk.
Types forms, charts, statements, letters and memos prepared for Department heads.
Attends staff and board meetings, takes and transcribes minutes; screens telephone calls, searches files, assembles information, compiles statistics and maintains statistical records.
Works independently in the absence of specific instructions or supervision.
Communicates effectively and courteously with other City employees and the public by telephone and in person.
Types 60 words per minute.
Lifts, carries, and holds up to 10 lb. of office supplies; pushes and pulls up to 10 lb. of office equipment.
Uses tact and diplomacy, and maintains effective working relationships with others.

Responsible for efficient and safe operation, care, and appearance of assigned equipment

High School diploma, including courses in clerical subjects. May be required to be a Notary Public.

Four years experience in general secretarial work or extensive experience in related field, plus three years continuous experience as an Administrative Secretary I with City immediately prior to reclassification to this position.
Must have the ability to supervise employees, and ability to manage fiscal affairs. Excellent organizational skills are required.
Must type 60 words per minute and take dictation.

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