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Sample Tobacco and Electronic/Vapor Cigarettes Policy

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Reviewed Date: May 18, 2021


Original Author: 
Hardy, Pat
Date of Material: 
Apr 24, 2017

Personnel--Health and safety--Smoking

Sample Tobacco and Electronic/Vapor Cigarettes Policy

A sample policy for cities wishing to prohibit the use of tobacco products on (or in) any city-owned property.

Sample Tobacco and Electronic/Vapor Cigarettes Policy
Created by Pat Hardy, MTAS Management Consultant

This policy applies to all City employees, elected officials, members of appointed committees, customers, vendors, consultants, contractors and all other visitors.

Smoking, tobacco use of any kind, or the use of electronic/vapor cigarettes is prohibited in all City owned or leased facilities, as well as all public swimming pool property. It is also prohibited within a reasonable distance from any entrance to such facilities, where smoke or vapor may draft into the facility.

This policy shall also apply to all City owned or leased vehicles.

Employees who choose to use tobacco or electronic/vapor cigarette products must do so only on their regularly scheduled breaks or meal period, and shall comply with the above policy when doing so.

MTAS Sample Policy | March 2017

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