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Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS)

Original Author: Norris, Margaret
Date of Material: 04/09/2008

Personnel--Selection and recruitment

Sample Rejection Letters

Reviewed Date: 06/02/2021
MTAS was asked to provide sample application rejection letters.

The Town of Farragut has completed its review of the resumes received in application for the position of ______. We regret that we are unable to offer you an interview at this time, but wish to thank you for the opportunity to review your qualifications.

Narrowing the resumes down to a manageable number for interviews was a difficult process. Although we are optimistic about our ability to select a _____ from among those selected for interviews, if we are not successful we may reconsider your qualifications if your interest continues.

Thank you once again.


Thank you for your interest in the ______ position for the Town of Farragut. The Town has been pleased with the enthusiastic response and your impressive credentials.

After extensive review, we have chosen a small number of candidates with whom to continue, and those candidates have been contacted. We appreciate your involvement in the process, however, and wish you every success in the future.


Thank you for your interest in the Town of Farragut's _________ position. The Town is fortunate to have heard from so many well-qualified candidates and we appreciate the time and effort you invested in the application process.

After carefully screening the large number of applications for this position, a group of finalists has been selected for further review and consideration. We regret to inform you that you are not among this group.

Again, thank you for your interest in our position and we wish you the very best in your future career.

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