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Original Author: Dennis Wolf
Date of Material: 05/05/2021

Fire--Municipal ordinances
Streets--Names and numbering

Sample Ordinance for Premise Identification

Reviewed Date: 06/17/2021
A cluster mailbox, or cluster box unit (CBU), is a multi-unit mailbox centralized for common use by the occupants of a residential or commercial development. When cluster mailboxes are installed in single family developments there are no mailboxes in front of each home. This creates a problem for fire, police, EMS, and other emergency and essential services in finding the address of a home. Every building in every community should have the street address number posted on the building, but this is not always the case. At night, and in bad weather, numbers posted on a building can be hard to find and hard to read. Landscaping may grow and obscure the number. The number may not be placed in a conspicuous place. These factors make it difficult for emergency responders to find the home, which increases response time and delays getting help to the person who needs it.

MTAS created a sample ordinance to require address posts for developments that use cluster box units. The sample ordinance requires a reflective signs and minimum sized numbers to be mounted on a post at the curb to make it easy for emergency responders to locate a home. A municipality may modify the sample ordinance to meet local aesthetic needs, if desired.

file Sample Ordinance for Premise Identification.docx