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Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS)

Original Author: Adams-O'Brien, Frances
Date of Material: 10/29/2010

Personnel--Health and safety

Safety Boot Reimbursement for Employees: A Telephone Survey Conducted by the MTAS Library

Reviewed Date: 05/18/2021
Ten cities were asked about their policy for purchasing or subsidizing safety boots for city workers.

Safety Boot Reimbursement for Employees
A Telephone Survey Conducted by the MTAS Library
October 2010
(10 Cities Surveyed)


Cities/Contacts Does your city purchase or subsidize the purchase of safety boots for city workers? If yes, what is your policy?
Mt. Juliet
(Population 25,234)
John Rossmaier
Finance Director
Yes Annual boot replacement up to $120 of the costs.
(Population 25,573)
Belva Hale
Human Resources Director
(Population 25,800)
Reese Conway
(423) 585-4658
Yes Annual voucher program every October.
Pays up to $95 for boots.
(Population 26,427)
Janice Roberts
Human Resource Specialist
(615) 793-6295
Yes Annual purchase of up to $150. Purchases made at three local stores on city account.
Oak Ridge
(Population 27,387)
Penny Sissom
Personnel Director
(865) 425-3564
Yes New employee must purchase first pair. After 6 month probation period, city provides $150 annually towards boots.
(Population 33,055)
Bill Hendry
Benefits and Safety Administrator
(931) 560-1570
Yes Pays up to $75 of boots. Timeframe is dictated by department.
(Population 35,262)
Michael Worsham
Human Resources Director
(615) 371-0060
Yes City purchases the boots.
(Population 37,419)
Jeff Davis
Human Resources Director
(423) 559-3313
Yes Pays up to $100 per fiscal year. Purchases from two local vendors.
(Population 38,073)
Kay Charles
Safety Director
(615) 355-5791
Yes Purchases boots up to $200 for workers.
Purchases at a shoe mobile that comes to site annually. Does not reimburse outside purchases.
(Population 40,977)
Patricia McConnell
Human Resources Director
(901) 757-7274
Yes City provides up to $100 towards boots.
Annual benefit.

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