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Original Author: Darden, Ron
Date of Material: 03/04/2005

Meetings--Planning and management
City council--Procedure
Municipal resolutions

Resolution Establishing Rules and Procedures for Board of Mayor and Aldermen Meetings

Reviewed Date: 06/09/2021
A resolution establishing rules and procedures for Board of Mayor and Aldermen meetings and establishing a format for Board study sessions.

Resolution Number ______

A Resolution Establishing Rules and Procedures for Board of Mayor and Aldermen Meetings and Establishing a Format for Board Study Sessions

Whereas, it is necessary to establish rules and procedures for conducting regular board meetings of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen of the Town of Cumberland Gap, Tennessee, now

Therefore, Be It Resolved that the following rules and procedures are hereby adopted:

Section I. Rules of Order and Procedure.

The rules of order and procedure of regular meetings of the board of mayor and aldermen shall be as follows:

Rule 1. At the time designated for the meeting, or thereafter as soon as a quorum is present, which shall consist of at least four (4) members, the board shall be called to order by the mayor; the recorder shall proceed to call the roll and then read the minutes of the last meeting, unless the reading of the minutes is waived by unanimous vote of the board of mayor and aldermen, which, if no objection be made, shall stand approved and be signed by the mayor.

Rule 2. The order of business of the board of mayor and aldermen shall be as follows:

Call to Order.
Roll Call
Invocation and Pledge to the Flag
Report from the Mayor
Aldermen and Committee Reports
New Business
Old Business
Citizen Comments

Rule 3. No report, ordinance, or resolution or petition will be entertained unless it is first reviewed at a board study session at least five days prior to the public meeting and such report shall first be reduced to writing and delivered to the recorder’s office by 12:00 noon three business days prior to the meeting.

Rule 4. No motion will be entertained until it meets with a second.

Rule 5. No member shall speak twice on the same subject until all who desire to do so shall have spoken once, and all members, when speaking, shall respectfully address the mayor.

Rule 6. During a session of the board no conversation will be permitted, except such as pertains to the subject under consideration, and no outside conversation will be allowed.

Rule 7. Members speaking must confine their remarks to the subject under discussion, and no personalities will be allowed.

Rule 8. All business must come before the board under its appropriate head in the order of business, and cannot be otherwise introduced, except under a suspension of the rules by a majority vote.

Rule 9. A special committee created by the board can be discharged only by a vote of the board.

Rule 10. The mayor, ex officio, shall be the presiding officer of the board, and in his absence an alderman may be chosen to preside as mayor pro tem.

Rule 11. When recording the vote, an abstention means “I do not wish to vote” and my vote is neither a yes or no vote. A “Pass” means I pass for now come back to me. The chairman should return to the passed vote and ask for the vote

Rule 12. The mayor shall decide all questions of order without debate, from which decision any member may appeal to the board, when such decision may be sustained or overruled by a majority vote.

Rule 13. The mayor may appoint the members comprising all special committees, unless otherwise expressly provided by the board.

Rule 14. When the yeas and nays are called on any question pending before the board, no member shall be excused from voting, unless the board shall deem his reasons sufficient, by majority vote.

Rule 15. A motion to reconsider any former motion or vote shall only be made and seconded by members who voted in the majority.

Rule 16. No member shall vote upon any question in the event of which he is immediately, particularly, and/or personally interested. A majority vote of the board of mayor and aldermen shall determine whether or not said member is interested in such a manner as to be precluded from voting on a question.

Rule 17. When questions arise which are not provided for in these rules, the same shall be controlled by Robert’s Rules of Order.

Rule 18. On matters of election and nomination, which call for paper ballots, the mayor or any one alderman may call for said vote to be taken by signed paper ballot and if same is called for, same shall be complied with. The recorder shall read all ballots and signatures immediately following the vote.

Rule 19. Any of these rules may be waived by unanimous vote of the board of mayor and aldermen.

Rule 20. It is hereby made the duty of the mayor to impose a penalty upon any member of the board for violating any of its rules.

Section II. Study session format and rules.

The board of mayor and alderman shall meet in an informal study session one week prior to regular meetings to discuss proposals that are being considered for inclusion on the next regular board meeting agenda. No issue or item shall be considered at a regular board meeting unless it first has been reviewed at a board study session. Each informal study session is considered a public meeting with notice given to the press and the public. No vote may be taken at a study session. Any board member, the mayor, or recorder may place an item on the agenda after it has been reviewed at study session. The recorder shall prepare the list of items for discussion at each study session and from the list of items reviewed prepare the regular board agenda. Citizens may attend study sessions and may participate in discussions only at the request of the board.

Section III. This resolution shall take affect immediately upon its passage the public welfare requiring it.

Approved ____________________March ________, 2005

________________________________ ________________________________
Mayor Attest: City Recorder

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