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Original Author: Darden, Ron
Date of Material: 12/06/2007

Records management
Records management--Municipal resolutions

Resolution Establishing a Records Management System

Reviewed Date: 07/20/2021
A resolution establishing a records management system based on the MTAS reference guide for records management.

Resolution No.______

A Resolution Establishing A Records Management System

Be It Resolved by the City Commission of the City of St. Joseph, Tennessee as follows:

Section 1. In accordance with TCA 10-7-702 the University of Tennessee’s Municipal Technical Advisory Service’s reference guide for records management, “Exhibit A” dated May 2008, is hereby adopted.

Section 2. _____________________________is designated as the city records management administrator and is hereby authorized and directed to preserve, retain, manage and delete and or destroy active records in accordance with the above referenced guide.

Section 3. The records administrator shall provide the city commission with an annual report generally summarizing categories of records deleted from active files. Such deleted files shall be destroyed according to the records management guide.

Section 4. A copy of the records management guide shall be retained in the office of the city recorder.

Section 5. This Resolution shall become effective immediately upon its passage.

Approved this__________day of July, 2008.

_____________________________ _______________________
Mayor Attest: City Recorder