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Resolution Acknowledging the Fiery Gizzard Sportsman's Club

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Reviewed Date: May 31, 2017

Original Author: 
Darden, Don
Date of Material: 
Nov 3, 2004

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Resolution Acknowledging the Fiery Gizzard Sportsman's Club

MTAS was asked to prepare a resolution acknowledging the existence and contributions of the Fiery Gizzard Sportsman's Club.




WHEREAS, the Fiery Gizzard Sportsman’s Club is located at the extreme Southeast end of Thompson Lane, being situated in the Southeast sector of the corporate limits of the Town of Tracy City, Tennessee and also being located on approximately ten acres of secluded property; and

WHEREAS, the Town of Tracy city, Tennessee, having been incorporated in 1945, did not originally include within its corporate limits the property on which the Fiery Gizzard Sportsman’s Club is now located; and

WHEREAS, in years subsequent to the acquisition and development of its property by the Fiery Gizzard Sportsman’s Club, said property was by annexation included in the corporate boundaries of the Town of Tracy City, Tennessee; and

WHEREAS, the Fiery Gizzard Sportsman’s Club was chartered by the State of Tennessee as a non profit corporation on September 21, 1968, with the specific objectives and purposes to include: “(1) Promoting and supporting scientific study of the principles of wildlife conservation and to endeavor to educate the general public in the principles of and the necessity for wildlife conservation, and to do such other acts and things as may be permitted by the charter of the Association and determined by the members of the association in conformity with these By-laws. Furthermore, the purpose of this club shall be to promote conservation, propagation, and restoration of all forms of wildlife; promote better sportsmanship in hunting, fishing, and general outdoor activity; to promote the enactment of more equitable laws in the Game and Fish Code; to cooperate with all duly constituted authorities in the enforcement of this Game and Fish Code; to bring to the attention of the sportsmen the vital relationship between the sportsman and the land owner. (2). The maintenance of a Gun Club for the promotion of Sport either for profit or pleasure; and

WHEREAS, the Fiery Gizzard Sportsman’s Club’s facilities consistently and continually have been used to promote activities for the membership and residents of Tracy City, as well as Grundy and Marion Counties and other surrounding areas; and

WHEREAS, activities have included hosting and conducting the TWRA mandated Youth Hunter Safety courses, served as a meeting place for family reunions, as site for police and other law enforcement qualifying range, a practice and zeroing range for club members, a periodic meeting place, when requested, for law enforcement personnel, a retreat for local Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, a meeting place for the Agricultural Business Council, and shooting matches; and

WHEREAS, the Fiery Gizzard Sportsman’s Club has paid both city and county property taxes and has been involved in numerous other civic activities and has contributed directly to promoting growth of the Town’s economy; and

WHEREAS, the Fiery Gizzard Sportsman’s Club has annually adopted and supported conservation projects such as scholarships and events of an ecological nature; and

WHEREAS, the Fiery Gizzard Sportsman’s Club’s membership is not an exclusive privilege, but rather is open to area residents who are willing to abide by the rules of safety and etiquette as specified by the club’s officers and membership; and

WHEREAS, the Fiery Gizzard Sportsman’s Club, since its inception by charter in 1968, has provided an active range for its members to fire small arms weapons, and

WHEREAS, an ever increasing population and development has decreased areas of opportunity whereby the activities enumerated in this petition and club corporate charter can be engaged; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen of the Town of Tracy City, Tennessee that the Fiery Gizzard Sportsman’s Club is hereby recognized as to its purposes, objectives and activities of said Club, as set forth in this resolution and in the Club’s charter; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Town of Tracy City commends the Fiery Gizzard Sportsman’s Club for its many civic and other charitable contributions to the Town of Tracy City.

Passed this the________day of_________________, the public welfare requiring it.

Barry Rollins

ATTEST: _________________________________
Helen Dykes
City Recorder


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