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Required Federal and State Employment Posters

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Reviewed Date: June 02, 2017

Original Author: 
Stokes, Richard
Grubbs, John
Date of Material: 
May 15, 2012

Personnel--Employment--Laws and regulations

Required Federal and State Employment Posters

Compilation of Federal and State Employment Posters

Knowledgebase-Required Federal and State Employment PostersHere is a list of current state and federal labor/employment posters (alphabetical order):

**Some posters are required (*) for all local government employers, and some are applicable only under certain circumstances (+) -

(+) Davis Bacon Act poster
(+) Displaced Employee Rights - Successor Contracts poster
(+) EEO 11246 Supplement poster
(*) EEO GINA Supplement poster
(*) EEO It's The Law poster
(*) Employee Rights for Workers with Disabilities Special Min Wage poster
(+) Employee Rights on Government Contracts poster
(*) Employee Rights Polygraph and Protection Act poster
(*) Federal Minimum Wage poster
(*) FMLA poster
(*) Job Safety OSHA poster
(*) State and Local Governments under the FLSA poster
(*) Title VI poster
(+) TN Drug Free Workplace (optional) poster
(*) TN Human Rights Commission Discrimination in Employment poster
(*) TN Unemployment Insurance Notice poster
(*) TN Wage Regulation - Child Labor poster
(*) TN Worker Compensation Notice poster
(*) TOSHA poster
(*) USERRA poster
(+) Worker Rights under EO 13658 poster


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