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Request for Proposals for Professional Realty Services

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Reviewed Date: March 26, 2010

Original Author: 
Jefferson City
Date of Material: 
May 1, 2001

Purchasing--Bids, proposals and specifications
Purchasing--Professional services

Request for Proposals for Professional Realty Services

RFP to sell the property known as the City/County Hospital.

Knowledgebase-Request for Proposals for Professional Realty Services




On or before 5:00 p.m., _______________, 2001, the City of Jefferson City, Tennessee will receive proposals from interested realty firms for services relative to the marketing and sale of the City/County Hospital. Proposals will only be accepted from firms licensed to provide realty services in the State of Tennessee. No late proposals will be accepted.

Interested firms should submit 2 copies of their proposal to:

Office of the City Manager

City of Jefferson City

112 West Broadway

P.O. Box 530

Jefferson City, Tennessee 37760

Further information on this project may be obtained by contacting City Manager John Johnson at (865) 475-9071.


The City of Jefferson City and Jefferson County (hereinafter known as A owners @ ) jointly own the property know as the City/County Hospital. The property is currently vacant and the owners would like to sell the property. This project involves, but is not limited to, the following:

1. Assisting the owners in determining a fair market value for the property.

2. Assisting the owners in determining a range of appropriate businesses who may occupy the property.

3. Marketing the property to appropriate businesses.

4. Assisting the owners with negotiations and sale of the property.

5. Assisting the owners with the final transaction including normal realty-related services such as the title search, financial transaction, filing of the deed, etc.


The Proposal must address the following criteria and be submitted in this order:

1. Name of firm, owner, address and telephone number.

2. Specialized marketing and realty services information . Provide information about your firm's and personnel's experience in marketing, selling and transacting realty services relative to facilities/properties such as the City/County Hospital or similar facilities.

3. Past record of performance . Provide information about the firm's past record on similar projects. Demonstrate the firm's ability to creatively market, deliver quality work and satisfy owners. Provide at least two references from similar projects including names, contact persons and phone numbers.

5. Approach to providing services . Describe the firm's approach to providing and managing the proposed services.

6. Approach to communicating with owner . Describe the firm's approach to communicating with the owner(s) in regard to progress reports, status reports, etc.

7. Personnel qualifications . Identify key personnel who will be assigned to this project; provide their resumes and summarize their experience on similar projects.

8. Understanding of the project . Describe the firm's understanding of the scope of work.

9. Work schedule . Provide a plan for service delivery.

10. Conflict of interest . The firm, by submitting a proposal, certifies that to the best of its knowledge or belief, no elected or appointed official of the City or County is financially interested, directly or indirectly, in the purchase of services as described in this RFP.
1. Cost of Services . The firm should provide a description of the costs to provide the services described above. Such estimate shall include any fixed costs and any costs based on a percentage of the transaction, etc.


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