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Principal Clerk

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Reviewed Date: June 21, 2017

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Sep 25, 2002


Principal Clerk

Job description for the position of Principal Clerk.

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This employee provides a broad range of administrative support activities for city hall and the water department. The employee is under the general supervision of the City Recorder. However, the Mayor and Superintendent of Water and Sewer also provide assignments for the employee. Standing guidelines or generally accepted procedures guide the employees work. On occasion independent judgement must be used in order to accomplish tasks.


The employee will operate a variety of modern office equipment including a calculator, typewriter, copy machine and computer.
The employee typically works indoors in an office environment and may be exposed to tobacco smoke. The employee may be required to lift objects such as journals and reports.


Responsible for payroll preparation. Verifies checks from data processing with records in city hall. Keeps vacation and sick leave records for all employees.
Responsible, with the Superintendent of Water and Sewer, for water and sewer billing.
Collects water and sewer bills, city taxes, city fines and other payments to the city.
Posts to proper accounts.
Answers telephone calls and schedules responses to complaints. Serves as dispatcher for the water department.


Checks the balance of the water and sewer ledger.
Greets visitors to city hall and provides directions.
Helps train, plan and supervise the work of the Clerk.
Performs various clerical tasks such as mailing tax statements, filing bad debts, or completing purchase orders.
Performs related duties as required.
Maintains the city property numbering system.


Knowledge of modern office practices, procedures and equipment.
Ability to type accurately, keep records and perform routine clerical tasks.
Some knowledge of municipal bookkeeping practices and procedures.
Knowledge of business telephone manners and techniques.
Ability to converse plainly and directly in a courteous and friendly manner with hostile and uncooperative citizens and assist with resolution of their problems.
Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the public, city officials and other employees. Contact with the public is frequent.
Ability to follow oral or written instructions and to organize and plan work independently.
Some knowledge of modern supervisory practices and procedures.


Graduation from an accredited high school including or supplemented by courses in bookkeeping principles and office practices.
At least 2 years experience in clerical work including accounting or municipal finance.
Must have the ability to be bonded.

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