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Police Record Clerks in Tennessee Cities

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Reviewed Date: June 21, 2017

Original Author: 
McMillen, Dawn
Date of Material: 
Dec 19, 2016

Records management

Police Record Clerks in Tennessee Cities

Ten cities were asked about the salary and job description of their police records clerk position.

Police Record Clerks in Tennessee Cities
MTAS Research and Information Center | December 2016

Municipality Contact Name Contact Phone # Job Title Salary Additional Information
Clinton Stephanie Strickland 865-259-2300 HR Generalist $28,870-$34,058 Provided job description
Collegedale Paul Crosby 423-468-1963 HR & Risk Manager $20.85/hr Provided job description
Covington Charlita Foulks 901-476-9613 Administrative Assistant N/A Position is combined with other responsibilities
Dayton Tammy Vickry 423-775-1818 HR Administrator N/A Part-time/combined position
Fairview Tom Doherty 615-387-6085 Finance Director $42,000.00 Admin position; also responsible for IT work for the police department.
Henderson Jim Garland 731-983-5000 City Recorder $11.16-$15.34/hr Part-time/combined position
Humboldt Valerie Hays 731-784-2511 City Clerk/Payroll Clerk $34,881.60 No job description available
Kingston George DeCroes 443-224-2448 HR Director $33,300.00 No job description available
Lenoir City Amber Scott-Kelso 865-986-2715 City Administrator $42,038.19 Provided job description; official title is Administrative Assistant to the Chief
Winchester Christine Faulkner 931-967-2532 x108 HR Manager $25,405-$34,294 Provided job description


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