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Original Author: McMillen, Dawn
Date of Material: 12/19/2016

Records management

Police Record Clerks in Tennessee Cities

Reviewed Date: 07/01/2021
Ten cities were asked about the salary and job description of their police records clerk position.

Police Record Clerks in Tennessee Cities
MTAS Research and Information Center | December 2016

Municipality Contact Name Contact Phone # Job Title Salary Additional Information
Clinton Stephanie Strickland 865-259-2300 HR Generalist $28,870-$34,058 Provided job description
Collegedale Paul Crosby 423-468-1963 HR & Risk Manager $20.85/hr Provided job description
Covington Charlita Foulks 901-476-9613 Administrative Assistant N/A Position is combined with other responsibilities
Dayton Tammy Vickry 423-775-1818 HR Administrator N/A Part-time/combined position
Fairview Tom Doherty 615-387-6085 Finance Director $42,000.00 Admin position; also responsible for IT work for the police department.
Henderson Jim Garland 731-983-5000 City Recorder $11.16-$15.34/hr Part-time/combined position
Humboldt Valerie Hays 731-784-2511 City Clerk/Payroll Clerk $34,881.60 No job description available
Kingston George DeCroes 443-224-2448 HR Director $33,300.00 No job description available
Lenoir City Amber Scott-Kelso 865-986-2715 City Administrator $42,038.19 Provided job description; official title is Administrative Assistant to the Chief
Winchester Christine Faulkner 931-967-2532 x108 HR Manager $25,405-$34,294 Provided job description

Reference Document(s)
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