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Park Maintenance Specialist I Greenhouse/Chemicals

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Reviewed Date: May 30, 2017

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Sep 25, 2002

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Park Maintenance Specialist I Greenhouse/Chemicals

Job description for the position of Park Maintenance Specialist I Greenhouse/Chemicals.

Knowledgebase-Park Maintenance Specialist I Greenhouse/ChemicalsJOB TITLE: Park Maint. Spec.I - Greenhouse/Chemicals
DEPARTMENT: Parks & Recreation
JOB SUMMARY: Under general supervision of the Horticulturist, responsible for helping grow and care for city plant material in all park areas and other areas under park maintenance; safely apply pesticides inside greenhouses and city buildings (plants only), in parks and other areas under park department maintenance; and do related work as required.
ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:Help grow greenhouse crops, nursery crops, and trees. Know and understand proper watering, maintenance, and other care of greenhouse and outside plant materials. Read and understand various written and verbal instructions for growing and maintaining various plant materials. Calibrate and maintain spraying systems, interpret labels, and apply all types of pesticides safely. Keep an inventory of chemicals and records of applications made. Perform inspections and identification for horticultural and chemical programs. Supervise other employees in applying chemicals safely. Lift and carry up to 50 pounds of soil amendments for flower bed preparation; climb a 12 foot ladder while pruning or doing greenhouse maintenance; operate various push type or hand held power tools, such as lawn mowers, edgers, line trimmers rotary tillers, jackhammers, and chain saws work outside in extreme weather conditions (hot and cold); some exposure to hazardous chemicals (with proper safety precautions); work in tight or enclosed areas such as trenches; work bent over or on knees for extended periods of time; walk through brush or entangled areas along creeks and other areas; work safely in close proximity to high speed vehicle traffic such as medians; operate equipment such as tractors (60 hp) with various attachments (augers, tillers, etc.), tree spade, chippers, stump grinders, and welders; operate large trucks (14 yd. dump), other vehicles, equipment and tools; back up other park specialist positions; act as a crew leader when required; supervise part-time greenhouse employees effectively.
OTHER JOB FUNCTIONS: Assist with other dept. functions as needed.
REQUIRED EDUCATION, DEGREES, CERTIFICATES, AND/OR LICENSES: High School diploma or equivalent. Non-commercial pesticide applicator license in the following categories: (1) greenhouse; (2) plant pest control; and (3) weed control. Non-commercial Structural Pest Control License in the following categories: (1) lawn and ornamental; (2) weeds; and (3) other categories as required to spray interior plants inside city buildings. Commercial Drivers License, Class A, with tank vehicle and hazardous material endorsement and air brake approval.
EXPERIENCE, TRAINING, KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS: Two years experience in growing and maintaining various city plant material; three years work experience in applying pesticides, calibrating and maintaining spraying equipment. Take necessary courses/training required to maintain pesticide licenses. Knowledge of safe application of chemicals. Read and understand labels; identify weeds, grasses, and ornamental plants. Supervise a small crew effectively.

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